Due to the reckless and unregulated behavior of the Kansas DCF, a father is dead, and a mother lays in SICU.

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Child Protection Services around the country have been falling under scrutiny over the past year. It is a system that appears to have been corrupted since the decision to privatize. Children are taken for cash, and the people behind the system seem to answer to nobody. Now due to the reckless and unregulated behavior of the Kansas DCF, a father is dead, and a mother lays in SICU with the possibly of permanent disabilities.

Amanda and Christopher Hunt had their three children wrongfully taken into state custody over a year ago. Chris and Amanda were having marital problems when DCF got involved in their life again. Christopher had battled with depression, which gave DCF the opportunity to move in.

Amanda and Christopher had done everything the DCF requested of them. They were set to get their children back on August 1 of this year. Oddly enough, DCF was still forcing the parents to drop their children off in Mt Hope, Kansas at a foster home for one day a week. Apparently, the Hunt’s were fully capable of being functioning parents for only six days a week.

If this seems completely illogical to you, you are not alone. However, like most of our privatized government entities, if you want answers, follow the money. By forcing the Hunt’s to drop the children off in state care for one day a week the children were technically still in the state’s care. The state was still receiving federal money for “taking care” of these children.

Last Friday, the Hunt’s had just dropped off their children for their weekly 24-hour stay with the state when tragedy struck. A semi-tractor truck pulled out in front of the Hunt’s. The couple’s Jeep hit the semi; Christopher was killed on the scene.

Amanda survived the wreck, but was critically injured. She remains in SICU since Friday. She has had multiple surgeries since the wreck and still has one more set for tomorrow. Her physical rehabilitation will take months to years. The emotional scars of losing her husband will never heal.

If the Kansas DCF had not forced these parents to drop their children off one day a week with the state, they would have never been in the situation that caused this wreck. How can a child be safe with their parents for six days a week, but need to be in a foster home for the seventh?

While there are cases where CPS is needed to step in, the privatization and funding going into this system have made those cases few and far between. Children in need of help are left in poor situations, and families that may have just needed counseling, or other programs the system is supposed to offer, are ripped apart.

The privatization has allowed the CPS system to hide their wrongdoings. Mix that with the laws behind requesting information on the juveniles they deal with, and you have a perfect blanket for corruption.

As of now, the State of Kansas has not brought the children to see their mother. It is unknown if they are even aware that their father has passed away. Local activist Jennifer Winn called in regards to bringing the children to visit, but they hung up the phone.

A family that was so close to being reunited and done with the state’s involvement is now left in shambles. The actions of the state have now left these children without a father. This has also opened the door for the Kansas DCF to keep the children for a number of reasons.

If Amanda suffers permanent disabilities, they can claim she is not physically capable of caring for her children. Due to the loss of her husband they can claim that she may not be emotionally stable enough to get her children back.

As this story continues to unfold, The Daily Haze will keep you updated on Amanda’s progress as she now battles not just for her life, but the lives of her children as well.



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