Kansas Senator David Haley looks to give Medical Cannabis another shot

Senator David Haley wants to looks to amend Senate Bill 155 back to the original form

  • The Kansas Senate recently gutted SB 155 moments before a vote

  • The bill was replaced with Senate Bill 151 which addresses the use of CBD

  • A new vote could happen as early as Tuesday over SB 155

Recently the Kansas Senate decided at the last moment to gut Senate Bill 155 and replace it with Senate Bill 151 in an attempt to stall moving forward with medical cannabis.

SB 155 would make medicinal cannabis legal for Kansas residents. Moments before the bill went to vote; Senator Ty Masterson made a move to gut the bill. It appeared to be a classic gut and go, as Masterson replaced the majority of SB 155 with SB 151, a bill to make CBD accessible, even though it already is. Masterson said he believed the move to be a “more appropriate first step.”

While SB 155 allows the use of all parts of the cannabis plant, including resins and oils, SB 151 only allows the use of “non-intoxicating cannabinoid medicine.” Meaning that absolutely nothing would change for the state in a medical cannabis aspect.

Cannabis activists in the area were devastated by the aggressive move to ignore the people’s request once again to move forward with cannabis. While the cannabis community in Kansas may be down, they are not out.

Senator David Haley is looking to place an amendment that will restore SB 155 to the original form, giving Kansans another shot at having access to medical cannabis.

In the background lies Senate Bill 187, which did not pass the committee. SB 187 is a more restrictive version of SB 155, and could sound more appealing to the State of Kansas due to the lack of enthusiasm, for lack of better words, towards moving forward with medical cannabis.

Wichita activist Jennifer Winn has announced a call to action requesting Kansas residents to call their Kansas Senators in regards to SB 155 and the legal use of medical cannabis. Those wishing to help must first find out who their Senator is, which can be accomplished through a simple Google search.

Once you know who your senator is, you have to be clear with your request. It is not as simple as calling and demanding medical cannabis. Instead, you must request that Senate Bill 155 be restored to its original form, or amended with Senate Bill 187. A new vote on SB 155 could happen as early as Tuesday.



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