Kansas Cannabis Mom’s Insane Jesus Rant

Claims that Jesus did not die, but was saved by CBD oil

  • Trial set to begin this month

  • Despite medical necessity defense, Banda cannot provide evidence of diagnosis

  • Defense money spent on fast food, cigarettes, rental cars, hotels

Garden City, Kansas mother Shona Banda has garnered national attention after being arrested on various felony charges related to the manufacturing of cannabis oil which she claims to use to treat Crohn’s Disease.

However, video footage of court proceedings in the case reveal that Banda is unable to provide evidence that she has ever been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, even to her own attorneys.

Since her arrest, Banda has raised over $60,000 for her “legal defense”, money which she claims was stolen, but receipts made public by marijuana activist Jennifer Winn show that Banda actually spent tens of thousands of dollars on fast food, cigarettes, clothes, expensive makeup, hotels, and rental cars.

Banda’s trial is set to begin on June 26, 2017, and Banda faces up to 30 years in prison, due to Kansas’ draconian laws. That being said, the prosecutor did offer Banda mercy in this case, in the form of a plea bargain that would have allowed Banda to avoid prison time by completing non-reporting probation, which she would have been permitted to serve in neighboring Colorado, where marijuana is legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Banda refused the plea deal.

Activists and bloggers around the country have rallied to Banda’s cause, despite her inability to provide evidence of her medical diagnosis, and despite the clear discrepancies in her story of what happened to the money she raised for her defense.

Banda says that she was arrested after her son spoke out about medicinal marijuana in school. But a police interview with her son reveals that he told investigators that all his mother did was smoke marijuana and sleep, and that he “didn’t have a mother”.

Banda has no work record and appears to have been living off of online¬†donations collected off of the notion that she suffers from Crohn’s Disease, and possibly from the proceeds of selling cannabis products.

Banda also sells a very poorly written book that she authored, priced at $50 for a paperback copy, and $75 for a hardback copy.

This past Easter, Banda published a video to her Facebook page, explaining how Jesus Christ was resurrected. As you watch this brief video, bear in mind that political activists around the nation have donated money to this woman in the hopes that her case will be a groundbreaking victory in the fight for medicinal marijuana patients.

Perhaps, instead of exploiting the hopes and dreams of legitimate marijuana patients, Banda should simply claim insanity:






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