The Internet goes after the wrong Kaitlyn Rapoza after viral insult made towards soldiers

Kaitlyn Rapoza made an insulting comment resulting in the wrong Kaitlyn Rapoza taking the heat

  • The Kaitlyn Rapoza that made the negative comment appears to have deleted her Facebook

  •  The other Kaitlyn Rapoza has been trying to clear her name on her Facebook account

  •  The innocent Kaitlyn Rapoza comes from a military family

The Internet can be a cruel place, and once you piss it off, you can most likely kiss your social media accounts goodbye. It is a harsh lesson that many people have had to learn and still continue to learn.

Internet Justice

It begins when someone says something on a social media platform that is so ignorant, hateful, racist, sexist, stupid, or a combination of all of the above. At this point, the person has no clue that the Internet has taken notice.

Next, the person will realize the negative attention they are receiving in response to whatever idiotic statement they vomited up for the world to see and they will try and delete it. The person will begin to think the Internet has taken notice.

That is when OP will have it brought to their attention that hundreds of people have already taken screenshots and they are spreading across the Web faster than a celebrity’s nudes. Now they know they have the Internet’s undivided attention.

Then they notice their inbox has been turned into just a literal pit of hatred, as they are flooded by messages the vary from simple insults to intricate death threats.

Some have tried to put their accounts to private and brave the storm, but most of the time the account is inevitably shut down.

Often when this Internet justice is being dished out, innocent bystanders are sucked into the chaos. Facebook alone has over a billion users, meaning there is a pretty high chance you are going to run into people with the same name.

The Tale Of Two Kaitlyn Rapozas

This was probably the last thought to cross Kaitlyn Rapoza’s mind as she typed out a hateful and ignorant comment about American soldiers. In the thread, Rapoza commented the following.

Failing out of high school and becoming a loser army man doesn’t make you better than someone lol I got to college and have 2 jobs that actually matter. You shoot at children and jack off in your hut with your other army crack heads. PLEASE don’t fight for America lol y’all do nothing for us. “American soldier” fucken dumb. Get a real job

“Your about to be famous,” Alex Rabson responded. Rabson was correct. Zakk Ross shared out the screenshot to his personal Facebook account, along with a caption reading, “This is what the majority of “Americans” think about us. It’s going to be really difficult being a civilian…”

The picture has been shared out almost 5,000 times since it was uploaded to Facebook. Kaitlyn Rapoza seems to have deleted her account, which apparently has another Kaitlyn Rapoza taking the brunt of the attack.

On Tuesday evening, Rapoza made a request for people to stop messaging her, explaining that she is not the Kaitlyn Rapoza that said this hateful thing. Rapoza states that she is from a military family.

This post was not made by me! This is a different profile named Kaitlyn Rapoza that has now been deleted. I am from a military family and would never say something like this. Please stop messaging me!!!!!!!!

She then made a post with a screenshot of the profile for the other Kaitlyn Rapoza with a caption that read, “THIS IS NOT ME!!!!!!”

On Wednesday morning, Rapoza made another post with a picture of a letter she received when her father retired from the Navy. The caption read, “To those who question if I am the one who posted hateful things about the military. This is the letter a received upon my fathers retirement from the Navy.”

What is happening to Rapoza is not the first time the wrong person has received an unwarranted attack from the Web. Too often people do not even take the time to see if they are attacking the right person, let alone if the information is true. Internet justice does not appear to be going away, which means Rapoza will for sure not be the last person the Internet wrongfully attacked.



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