Convicted murderer Jordan McCready continues to brag about kicking 13-year-old Jon Wilson to death from prison

In 2011 17-year-old Jordan McCready kicked 13-year-old Jon Wilson to death on the streets of Kilmarnock

  • Wilson was found covered in blood and struggling to breathe

  • Medics discovered Wilson had irreversible brain damage from the attack

  • Wilson died the next day from the severity of his injuries

  • McCready told police he was “glad” he had beat Wilson so bad

  • It was reported McCready kicked Wilson so hard his feet were bruised

  • McCready has taunted people two separate times from jail on Facebook

In the early hours of September 4, 2011, 17-year-old Jordan McCready executed a string of violent attacks on the streets of Kilmarnock, Scotland. The most horrifically brutal of these attacks left 13-year-old Jon Wilson with irreversible brain damage.

It was reported that Wilson was walking home from a friend’s house in the early hours when McCready spotted him. After his arrest, McCready told officers, “We were walking to Asda, my pals seen him. I dragged him down a lane and battered the life out of him.”

McCready claimed to be drinking vodka, Buckfast, and taking Valium the night of the vicious attacks.

Jon Wilson

McCready reportedly kicked Wilson  so hard that his feet were bruised. He told police he was “glad” he had beat Wilson so badly, describing for officers how he had “jumped up and down on a boy’s head.”

Most notably, during his arrest, McCready yelled to police, “If he gets out of intensive care, I’m going to murder him. I’m only 16. I’ll do two years in Polmont for attempt murder.” McCready also boasted to his cousin, “we just pounded the life out of” someone.

Wilson was found in the street by passers-by covered in blood from significant head injuries and struggling to breathe. He was taken to the hospital where it was discovered the young boy had irreversible brain damage.

On September 5, 2011, Jon Wilson died as a result of the injuries he sustained from McCready’s violent attack.

After attacking Wilson, McCready admitted to “slashing” a stranger and robbing a teenager for his cell phone.

McCready was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Wilson. He will not be able to apply for parole until he has served 14-years of his sentence. Wilson’s family was disgusted by the thought of McCready being offered parole. They had hoped McCready would face a life sentence for his horrific crimes.

While being in prison may have stopped McCready from physically assaulting anymore innocent citizens, it has not hindered his ability to taunt Wilson’s family. After years in prison, McCready has made it quite clear that he has no remorse over the horrible atrocities he committed.

Sexy Feet

McCready managed to get a cell phone in prison from which he started a Facebook account under the name, “Cammy.” In a group message, McCready told a woman named Tammi to look at his “sexy feet.”

McCready followed the picture up by saying, “The done yer boy good.” Another person in the chat named “John” told McCready to “go away.” McCready responded with, “I’m comin for u.” McCready later told Tammi, “Am gawny rape you.”

In another chat, McCready was asking other females to, “get their tits oot” for a “line of Jon’s ashes.”

Prior Taunting

The recent taunting from McCready is not his first from behind bars. In December of 2016, McCready managed to sneak another cell phone in jail.

With that cell phone, McCready started a Facebook account under the name “Canman Cameron.” On the account, he posted topless selfies of himself in jail and bragged about how easy his time was.

McCready had just been released from curfew five days before he attacked Wilson and two others. He was placed on curfew and was awaiting sentencing for attacking to officers prior his brutal rampage.



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