Jordan Chariton Threatens To Sue The Young Turks And The Intercept

On Tuesday night a statement was released that claims Jordan Chariton has been left with no choice but to sue The Intercept and The Young Turks

  • Chariton’s former employee Carly Hammond has accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior

  • Two articles posted to HuffPost’s Contributor Section accusing Chariton of sexual assault were removed

  • Chariton, Hammond, and Chelsea Lyons have confirmed that a group sex act did occurred

  • Multiple former employees have came forward claiming a hostile work environment that includes sexual harassment at times

Editor’s Note: This story was updated on November 23 to include a statement from Cenk Uygur and Jenn Dize. 

Following days of banter, former correspondent for The Young Turks Jordan Chariton has announced his intention to sue several media outlets that are reporting on the accusations of sexual assault/harassment against him, and his termination from TYT.

On November 16, Chariton published an article on Medium in defense of accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior from at least one former employee of his media outlet, Truth Against The Machine. There was one strange problem though. Chariton released his rebuttal before the allegations.

Explaining My TYT Absence

Chariton’s premature defense went into vague details about a night shared between him and two of his employees from TATM and a cameraman from TYT. The article was meant to be an explanation of his temporary leave from The Young Turks titled, “Explaining My TYT Absence,” but instead Chariton placed more focus on explaining that a “consensual sexual encounter” was, in fact, consensual.

The article immediately began describing an incident that occurred between him and “three other people” in June. It was later discovered those three people were Carly Hammond, Chelsea Lyons, and Tommie “Ty” Bayliss.

Chariton claimed the encounter he had was “portrayed in gossip as something else.” The group of four began kissing in a jacuzzi, at which point he excused himself and went to bed, Chariton writes. While the group drank some beers, Chariton claims“no one was drunk.”

At some point after Chariton went to bed, he claims Bayliss woke him up to show him that Lyons and Hammond were in his bed performing oral sex on each other. Chariton claims he was asked to join the two women, but then later stresses that “he” is the one who asked for permission.

I have written statements from the other two people in the room confirming that they heard me ask the woman receiving oral sex if she was Ok and if I could approach her intimately- and most importantly, heard her consent. 

Chariton says the four paired off, at which point it was him and Hammond who were being intimate together. The article states that during foreplay, Hammond “made a sound” that made Chariton question whether “she was still happy with what was going on.” Chariton claims that Hammond grew “distressed” about the impact of their intimacy on her marriage.

Sit Up And Talk

At that point, Chariton claims he “immediately ended the intimacy” and requested for Hammond to “sit up and talk.” For the next few hours, Hammond and Chariton talked, first in the hotel room, then in the lobby. Chariton claims that Hammond sat on his lap with her arm around him for most of the time that they talked.

After that night, Chariton says Hammond showed interest in flying to New York to see him, which she did. During the trip, Chariton says the two were intimate again. Hammond flew back home and informed Chariton she did not want to see him anymore.

Chariton claims he recently learned Hammond was working with a group of people who hold a vendetta against him for unrelated reasons. He claims this group was “targeting my professional colleagues and plotting to try and “‘take me down.'” One of the people Hammond was talking to was Christian Chiakulas.

Christian Chiakulas

Chiakulas wrote two articles for the HuffPost Contributor Section titled, “Why I Left A Promising Position with an Up-and-Coming Progressive Media Outlet,” and “Jordan Chariton is Accused by Former Employees of Sexual Abuse, Harassment.” Both articles were removed from HuffPost within 24 hours of being published.

Chiakulas’ Article

After they were removed from HuffPost, Chiakulas republished his article on Medium. Chiakulas interviewed Hammond for his article and gave the same basic outline as Chariton, except for a few major differences.

For one, Chiakulas wrote that 21-year-old Hammond was “wasted,” whereas Chariton claimed they had only drank a few beers and nobody was drunk. It should be noted that Chariton, Lyons, and Bayliss are all much older than Hammond who was celebrating her 21st birthday at the time.

Chiakulas writes that after Chariton left the jacuzzi, and Lyons and Bayliss were “making out,” which inevitably led to Hammond going to bed.

Chiakulas says the next thing Hammond remembers is Lyons on top of her, “trying to kiss her, and her top removed.” The article claims that Bayliss tried to kiss her as well, and all Hammond could think was “no.”

Ty [Bayliss] was there too. He tried to kiss me. All I could think was, ”No,” and let’s be clear, I said it too. Not loudly. I couldn’t yell. But if someone looked at that face, and asked themselves if I wanted any if this, the answer is fucking no.

The article claims Lyons eventually “gave up on her,” and instead, woke up Chariton. After Chariton woke up, Hammond remembers her saying, “She’s beautiful, enjoy her.” Both Chariton and Chiakulas’ articles state that Chariton did not penetrate Hammond with his penis.

H.A. Goodman

In an interview with H.A. Goodman on November 18, Chiakulas claimed that the reason the articles were removed from the HuffPost is that they were part of the Contributor Program, which lacks the resources to be able to fact check the articles. Neither article was proven to be false.

New York

Hammond also admits to Chiakulas that she did fly out to New York, but says it was under Chariton’s suggestion. Hammond spent her own money to fly to New York for work with Chariton.

I knew from the first minute that I got to his apartment that everything was a total lie. He said that I would stay with him and he’d sleep in the loft. I took one look up there and it’s full of boxes and it’s dark and dusty.

Hammond told Chiakulas that the work she was supposed to do did not exist and she “felt that she had been trapped.”

It took until the fourth day that I couldn’t ignore it any more. Realizing he’s horrible, I booked the soonest flight I could afford for the $400 I had in my bank account.

Graceanne Parks

On November 17, Graceanne Parks, a former employee of TATM, made a post to her Facebook claiming she told Chiakulas that she was wanted to come forward against Chariton, but wouldn’t out of fear. Parks claimed Chariton had photos of her.

Parks goes on to admit that she was lying to Chiakulas to be a spy inside the group that was trying to destroy Chariton’s career. “I knew the allegations weren’t true and I wanted to help him so I played along,” Parks wrote.

During my time working at Truth Against the Machine, I became upset at Jordan occasionally but it never involved sexual harassment or assault. In fact, I never met Jordan until three days ago. The author’s claims are false and he needs to issue a correction immediately.

Ruel James

Parks was not the only former TATM employee to come forward following. It would appear that despite the confusion surrounding the Chariton and Hammond, a handful of former employees feel there was mismanagement at the TATM, both professionally and sexually.

A former writer for TATM, Ruel James, posted a video to his Facebook saying that the claims of sexual assault played a factor in his decision to leave the outlet.

James tells a story of when he flew out to work with Chariton for a period of two weeks. In the video, James claimed that Chariton would “treat women like objects,” then goes into a story about Chariton having a woman clean his apartment.

James also claims he had heard rumors of Chariton sexually assaulting Hammond. At the time, James did not want to go against Chariton because of who he was in the industry.

Laura Gillespie MacIntyre

A current employee of TATM, Laura Gillespie MacIntyre, uploaded a video statement to her Facebook on November 20. MacIntyre begins by saying that she supports Carly Hammond.

MacIntyre described her experience working for TATM as, “at the very least, is a hostile work environment.” She goes on to say, “And that hostile work environment does involve elements of sexual harassment.”

At one point, MacIntyre slays Lyons’ statement that she made on Claudia Stauber’s Facebook two days prior, saying,“Chelsea’s statement is at best a rape apology and at worse an admission of criminal activity.”

During her video, MacIntyre publicly quits TATM due to no longer being able to stand by and watch what is going on.

Taylor Raines

On November 17, former Editor-in-Chief for TATM Taylor Raines released an official statement on her Facebook. Within months of her joining TATM, several members of management and a couple of journalists resigned, “suddenly and all at once.”

Information about sexual misconduct and harassment was brought to my attention at that time, among other accusations of mishandling money and his intent to not pay certain people. However, because Jordan never treated me poorly personally and I had received a paycheck, I interviewed for the newly-vacant role of editor-in-chief.

Raines did say that Chariton was, “very straight-forward and sometimes harsh, but overall good person who gave me time off when my own mental health issues arose.” However, along with stories of sexual harassment, Raines also claimed to know of mismanagement of money.

The statement Raines released was far from a hit piece, or an attempt at character assassination. Instead, she seems to share a similar bond with other employees and eager journalists who look up to Chariton and are willing to look past some incidents, or perhaps do not even see them, due to who he is.

Zee Cohen

As the story was unfolding, a set of screenshots appeared on social media threads showing a conversation with former TATM employee Zee Cohen and Chariton.. Cohen was quickly named as the mastermind behind the accusations.

Ann Szalkowski posted the screenshots to her Facebook, but the post has since been removed. The screenshots show Cohen stating, “This was way before I knew she made it up. We werent even talking. And I didn’t say you raped her.”

Cohen also states, “She didn’t call it rape,” then goes on to say that she was still mad at Chariton for firing her. She The messages end with Cohen saying, “But I figured I should just let it go because she knew it was a lie.”

For many, the screenshots were more than enough to burn Cohen at the stake. Cohen later made a statement on her Facebook stating that she did not believe Hammond at first.

Cohen claims that Hammond first came to her in May to report the incident, but she “refused to believe her.” She goes on to write, “I knew if I chose to stick up for her my relationship with Jordan would be in jeoprady which would put my career on the line.”

Chelsea Lyons

On November 18, Lyons decided to speak out on Facebook LIVE from Claudia Stauber’s page. Lyon’s went into what many believed was too much detail about what exactly happened on the night in question.

Lyons begins by saying that she is nervous about coming forward with her side of the story, due to the nature of the subject being very personal. She also says Chariton and her are very close and best friends but were never in a serious relationship. She speaks of times in Flint, claiming Chariton and Hammond were always very flirty. Lyons then discusses the night in question.

Lyons says her and Hammond were kissing in the jacuzzi, then Chariton went to bed. Lyons says Hammond went to the bathroom but was gone for a very long time. When she returned, her bathing suit was off, and she and Lyons began kissing again. Lyons claims that Hammond asked Bayliss to wake up Chariton.

According to Lyons, Chariton asked Hammond if he can kiss her. Soon, Chariton was performing oral sex on Hammond at which point Lyons and Bayliss went off on their own. Lyons says Hammond got upset because of her marriage and the two were out in the lobby talking.

When describing Hammond’s trip to New York, Lyons says she left because something apparently went wrong during the trip.

The video with Lyons acts as a double-edged sword. On one edge, her account clarifies that Chariton did not rape Hammond, although that could be argued due to her alleged level of intoxication. On the other edge, Lyons statement helps validates workers claims that there was sexual misconduct, assault, and harassment involved with working for TATM.

Chariton was the boss of all three people involved. It is not common or appropriate practice for an employer to get involved in group sex with their employees. Especially when it involves a drunk employee on her 21st birthday. There are multiple problems within examining Lyons statement.

Carly Hammond

On November 20, 2017, Hammond finally broke her silence on Tim Black’s show “No Sell Outs.” Hammond gives the breakdown of how she got to know Chariton and Lyons.

Hammond claims that before her 21st birthday, Chariton and Lyons had offered to buy her alcohol before. Hammond said she was apprehensive to go with them on her birthday due to a few incidents in the past.

Allegedly one of the incidents occurred in a hotel room when it was Chariton, Lyons, Bayliss, and Hammond. Hammond claims that Chariton and Lyons left her and Bayliss to have sex in the bathroom. Her and Bayliss could allegedly hear them in the bathroom. After, Chariton exited the bathroom in a towel and Lyons was nude. She claimed that Chariton joked with her about the incident and made inappropriate comments.

Hammond talked about how she looked up to Chariton before meeting him. She also says her personal views changed for the worse after meeting him and spending time with him.

Like, it changed from he’s a really great guy and does great work to he’s kind of a shitty guy but does decent work.

Hammond’s account of what happened on the night in question is much different from Lyons, or Chariton. She claims that Lyons was very aggressive with her. She also stated that Lyons was who woke Chariton up.

Back To What Matters

Meanwhile, Chariton released a second on his Medium titled, “TYT Panic, Clickbait Defeats Journalism, and Back to What Matters.” Chariton claims that HuffPost removed both articles because they contained “false, defamatory information.”

He claims “substantial” evidence exists, including a discussion board where Chiakulas with “co-conspirators” discussed performing a DDoS attack on the TATM website along with plots to get him fired from TYT and ruin his career.

Chariton briefly turned his focus towards his former TYT boss, Cenk Uygur. He says Uyger thanked him for his transparency and promised to start an investigation via a third party. Instead, TYT fired Chariton without reviewing any of the “countervailing evidence” in his favor.

In the article, Chariton accuses TYT of using his face and image to raise $2 million, leaving him without a crucial means of proving his innocence and insufficient income to support himself as he tries to clear his name. After tearing at TYT, Chariton places his focus back on what appears to be Chiakulas.

We have the word of a sloppy smear artist/internet fame-seeker, who broke every rule of proper journalistic practice, and co-conspirators who giggled uproariously over a side plan to hack the website I founded.

Chariton claims the story has only advanced due to “internet conspiracy theorists using the ‘story’ for click bait.” He also brings up some confusion that occurred after Tim Black claimed to be threatened by Vox’s legal team after reaching out to Chariton to come on his show.

Chariton Threatens Lawsuits

TATM’s current Editor-in-Chief Sam Oser released a statement that claimed a lawsuit against Chiakulas and the HuffPost was “being weighed.”

In the latest developments, Chariton is apparently suing multiple media outlets that have reported on this story. On Tuesday night, Chariton, Lyons, and Jenn Dize all shared out two images stating his intentions to “sue several outlets, most notably The Young Turks.”

The release has Ann Szalkowski’s name and contact info for at Vox Veritas in the top corner, the same person who posted the screenshots against Cohen, then later removed them.

The Intercept TYT

As of now, the only two outlets named in the threat of a lawsuits are The Intercept and TYT. On November 20, The Intercept released an article that detailed Chariton’s termination through an email that was sent out to TYT staff.

Although privacy concerns keep us from discussing the details surrounding this, I wanted to communicate that Jordan is no longer employed by The Young Turks.

The statement claims Chariton believes he has “no choice but to pursue legal action after a slew of online personalities reposted the downed Huffpo article, and presided what he calls a ‘trial by social media.'”

Cenk Uygur

On Wednesday, Cenk Uygur released a statement on behalf of TYT stating that Chariton was given the ability to take a resignation, but refused and is now fired.

Chariton has said more than once that Uygur promised him a third-party investigation into the situation. However, the main people involved in the Chariton situation are not employees of TYT, which means TYT investigation would not include anybody from TATM. Instead, proper authorities need to handle that.

Uygur stressed that TYT has nothing to do with TATM, which made it “deeply troubling” to discover their resources were going towards Chariton’s creation. Uygur said he thought TATM was just a side project with a few volunteers.

The only thing Uygur had to say about the accusations is that it was poor management on Chariton’s part. Uygur goes on to say that they could not get Chariton to respond to the offer of a resignation, so TYT were forced to fire him.

Jenn Dize

Also on Wednesday, Jenn Dize made a statement on her Facebook. TDH was told that Dize is close to Chariton and is possibly his assistant.

Dize’s statement is overall bizarre and useless. It is roughly 14 minutes of Dize claiming Chariton is clearly innocent, without providing any new, or undeniable evidence of his innocence.

It also appears that Dize does not comprehend the problem with Chariton’s behavior on the night in question. As more people come forward, the incident in question is highlighting a bigger problem within the internal workings of TATM.

While the issue with Chariton, Hammond, Lyons, and Bayliss is stuck at a “he says she says” phase with little to no evidence proving either side’s claim, the situation does appear to validate other employees claims that TATH is capable of producing a hostile work environment with the potential for sexual harassment. One thing that is indisputable, getting your employees drunk and having an orgy definitely falls into the category of inappropriate sexual behavior.

The Daily Haze reached out to both Chariton and TATM before the publication of this article. Neither responded to a request for comment.




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