Jonathan Anderson Fake Horse Hunt in Texas Causes Outrage On Facebook

Jonathan Anderson Facebook page causes outrage over a fake “horse hunt” in Texas

  • The Jonathan Anderson Facebook page claims to be running fake horse hunts in Texas

  • Viral images uploaded by the page admin are pictures from wild horse hunts in Australia

  • Posts from the page have gone viral as people call for the fake horse hunt to be shut down

A Facebook page that was started just under a month ago is causing outrage after claiming to run a “horse hunt” in Boerne, Texas.

The page is titled, “Jonathan Anderson,” and has a picture of Jon Heder as the profile picture. If you do not know who Heder is, that is the guy that played Napoleon Dynamite.

July 9, 2017

On July 9, the Jonathan Anderson page made a post claiming to run a horse hunt that charges $200 for the first kill, and $50 for each additional horse killed, along with four pictures of hunters posing with slain horses. The caption read:

I have a 300-acre ranch just outside of SA, I’ve been collecting unwanted horses and now I’ve got a pretty strong herd going. $200 for the first one, $50 for each one after. You may process them here or take them but you can’t leave what you’ve shot. No young horses, I like to save the foals for my freezer.

Napolean Dynamite

There are a few warning signs that this page is a fake just trying to get a rise out of people. For one, the profile picture is the actor who played Napolean Dynamite! That should be an immediate red flag, but this is the Internet, and people like to get mad without fact checking. Le sigh. . .


The next warning sign is that the Facebook page has PETA’s website linked to the account. It is doubtful that PETA created the page as a way to raise awareness on an issue, but stranger things have happened.

Graphic Content

Next, we will look at the pictures. Warning, the following images are graphic and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

The first image shared shows a hunter kneeling by a dead horse with a rifle in hand. The image was uploaded to the Pinterest account of Linda Boag Moores and is related to wild horse hunts in Australia.

The second image shows a bow hunter over a dead horse. This image was posted on News of the Horse, and once again is related to wild horse hunts in Australia. The article is titled “Bow Hunting Horses,” and the man in the picture is only known as “Big John.”

The third image comes from a forum called Archery Talk. The image was said to be sent in by a hunter named “Macka” in July of 2005. Once again the image is from Central Australia. Macka’s other pictures included three camels, a horse, and the donkey in the picture below.

We were not able to track down a source for the fourth picture, but can only assume it is another picture originating from a wild horse hunt in Australia.

Seeing that Jonathan Anderson claims to be doing this out of Texas, and the pictures he is using originate from Australia, with one being from 2005, it appears that the Facebook horse hunt is a fake.



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