No Arrests Made After John Hernandez Killed By A Harris County Sheriff Deputy’s Husband Terry Thompson

No arrests made after John Hernandez killed by Harris County Sheriff Deputy’s Chauna Thompson’s husband Terry Thompson

  • Terry Thompson confronted 24-year-old John Hernandez after witnessing him urinating in a Denny’s parking lot

  • Video of the incident shows Deputy Thompson pinning Hernandez’s arm as her husband held him in a chokehold

  • No arrests have been made for Hernandez’s homicide

Outrage in Houston, Texas, after 24-year-old John Hernandez was killed at a Denny’s following a confrontation with Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Chauna Thompson’s husband.

Terry Thompson confronted Hernandez after witnessing him urinating in the parking lot next to his vehicle. The confrontation led to Shauna Thompson’s husband placing Hernandez in a chokehold as the deputy pinned his arm down.

The incident happened at a Crosby Denny’s roughly two weeks ago and was recorded by a customer at the restaurant. Investigators have stated that Hernandez stopped breathing during the incident and was taken to the hospital where he died three days later after being taken off life support.

Greg Cagle, the attorney for Deputy Thompson, claims that Hernandez started the physical confrontation, despite no dispute that Thompson confronted Hernandez for urinating in the parking lot. Cagle also claimed that Deputy Thompson offered aid to Hernandez after she realized that he was no longer breathing.

The Video

In the minute long video, Thompson can be seen on top of Hernandez, while Deputy Thompson has the 24-year-old’s arm pinned. Deputy Thompson is heard in the video yelling “Quit it,” as her husband can be heard yelling, “Do you want me to hit you again?”

Hernandez can be heard gurgling, and his legs are┬áseen kicking while Thompson is choking the life out of him. Thompson’s daughter can be heard telling the person to stop recording, and a person can be seen trying to stand in front of the camera as the incident goes on.

Illegal To Record

Deputy Thompson can be heard saying that it is “illegal to record,” and then the man blocking the camera tries to back up the false claim. As the camera is blocked, Deputy Thompson can be heard in the background still yelling “Stop moving!”

A shorter second video was released showing a different view of the incident. The video was released after the person recording had heard that Hernandez died during the attack.

Hernandez’s loved ones are shocked that no arrest has been made, despite the death being ruled as a homicide. Harris County Sheriff’s Office is now asking for oversight from the Department of Justice and Texas Rangers in the investigation into the death.



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