Video Shows Joe Goodwin Told To Cut Off Dead Dog’s Head By Georgia Sheriff’s Investigator James Hollis

A series of videos show Crawford County Sheriff Investigator telling Joe Goodwin to cut off his dead dog’s head after a deputy had shot him

  • A deputy responded to a call about a dog bite involving a black and white pitbull mix named Big Boy

  • Big Boy attacked one of Goodwin’s neighbors and allegedly lunged at a deputy

  • When Hollis arrived on the scene he told Goodwin to cut off the dead dog’s head so he could be tested for rabies

It is a story too horrifying to be true. After a Georgia sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a dog, an investigator made the owner cut off the dog’s head so he could be checked for rabies.

On December 1, 2017, the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a dog bite. Upon responding to the call, a black and white pitbull mix allegedly charged a deputy in an “aggressive manner.” The deputy yelled at the dog, which caused him to run back to his property.

The deputy made contact with the victim who was attacked by the dog in her front yard. It was reported the woman was bitten on her leg and taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

The deputy got back into his patrol car and drove to the dog owner’s property. Upon arriving at the property and exiting his vehicle, the same black and white pitbull mix allegedly ran at the deputy once again in an aggressive manner, this time barking and growling. The deputy claims the dog lunged at him, at which point he was forced to shoot and kill the dog.

The following is a statement released by Sheriff Lewis Walker on December 4.

Press Release

Sheriff Lewis S. Walker
Crawford County Sheriff’s Office
P.O. Box 1009
Roberta, Georgia 31078
(478) 836-3116

Date – December 4, 2017

On December 1, 2017, at approximately 4:03 P.M., the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call on Wellington Drive regarding a person bitten by a dog. After arrival at the scene, the deputy exited his patrol vehicle and a black and white pitbull mix dog ran toward the deputy in an aggressive manner. The deputy yelled at the dog in an attempt to get the dog to back down and retreat. The dog then fled back to its owner’s property. The deputy made contact with the female victim, who reported she was outside on her property when she was bitten. The victim suffered injuries to her leg and was transported to a local hospital by ambulance to seek medical attention.

The deputy then drove to the dog owner’s property to make contact with the owner about the dog attack. Upon exiting his patrol vehicle, the same dog from the victim’s property ran toward the deputy in an aggressive manner, barking and growling. The deputy again yelled at the dog in an attempt to get the dog to back down and retreat. However, the dog lunged at the deputy forcing the deputy to defend himself by putting the dog down with his service weapon.

The Crawford County Health Department was notified, and the owner of the dog was advised, by that agency, of the state rabies testing requirements and options regarding the dog.

The circumstances regarding the dog attack, the shooting, and the processing of the animal for state mandated rabies testing is under investigation.

Further information will be provided later as facts become available.

The dog’s owner, Joe Nate Goodwin, was not home at the time of the shooting. Goodwin was at work when his girlfriend called and told him “Big Boy has been shot,” according to The Telegraph. Goodwin left work and came straight home to find his dog shot in his yard.

Overall, Goodwin did not have a significant issue with Big Boy being shot after hearing the events leading up to the shooting. It was reported that Goodwin claimed the deputy that shot Big Boy was “nice enough,” and added that they were having a conversation about automobiles. It was not until investigator James Hollis arrived on the scene that things took a rather disturbing turn for the worse.

Goodwin uploaded a series of short videos to his Facebook that shows his interaction with Hollis. In the first video, Hollis walks towards Goodwin and sticks his finger in his face while saying, “I’m Investigator Hollis. You’re not gonna talk to me, nor my deputy like that.”

It sounds and looks like Goodwin is pushed against a vehicle and responds, “Dude. Really? What’s going on man?” Hollis can be heard yelling, “Listen. You’re not gonna talk to anybody like that, okay? You gonna either listen,” at which point Goodwin interrupts by saying “I heard,”  then the video ends.

In a second video posted to Goodwin’s Facebook on December 2, Hollis is heard saying, “I will tell you what. I will take you to jail and charge you, and we will see how much longer it is then.” Goodwin responds, “Charge me with what?”

Hollis claims he will give the charge after the arrest, stating he is going by “Georgia law.” Goodwin asks what law he broke, but Hollis does not answer. Hollis seems to begin to make an issue of Goodwin recording the confrontation. Towards the end of the video, Goodwin is heard saying, “I’m reacting to having to cut my fucking dog’s head off.” Hollis replies, “We asked you to remove the dog’s head.”

A third video uploaded by Goodwin starts off where the second video left off. Hollis is heard saying, “We asked you to remove the dog’s head.” The investigator then asks, “You refusing, right?” before pulling out what appears to be a phone from his back pocket and walking away.

Goodwin is heard saying, “I ain’t even got a fucking knife to cut the mother fucker off.” A deputy on scene tells Goodwin “We don’t know this process either,” to which Goodwin replies, “You just told me you were animal control dude.” The deputy responds, “I was. I don’t never have to do this. I don’t have to cut dog’s heads off.”

In the most gruesome video, Goodwin approaches Big Boy dead on the ground and says, “Alright, I’m having to cut this dog’s head off that that cop shot. That officer attacked me in my yard because I said I did not want to cut my dog’s head off.” The original video can be seen here, but it is graphic and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

In a fifth video, uploaded on December 3, a deputy is explaining to Goodwin’s girlfriend what happens next, as the dog owner is seen placing Big Boy’s head into bags to take to be tested for rabies. The girlfriend was told that she must drive the severed head to Roberta for them to do the test.

Goodwin’s girlfriend can be heard asking if it has to be done tonight. The deputy responds, “Yes. It has to be done tonight. They have to put it in the refrigerator overnight.”

The CCSO claimed Goodwin was given options on the rabies test. However, Goodwin claims he was given the choice of either cutting his dog’s head off or paying for his dog to be removed from the property and tested. With Christmas just weeks away, Goodwin said he could not afford to have the dog taken away, so he removed the head per Hollis’ order.

A petition has been started on Care 2 demanding Walker fire Hollis for his behavior on camera. The petition had a goal of 200,000 signatures. At the time of this article, the petition had received 199,930.



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