Joann Mae Spotted Bear Attacks Son’s 15-Year-Old Rape Victim

Standing Rock protester Joann Mae Spotted Bear has been attacking her son’s 15-year-old rape victim on social media

  • Jered Spottedbear was arrested on July 7 for having non-consensual vaginal sex with a 15-year-old girl he met on Tinder

  • He is charged with sexual assault and lewdness with a child 14 or 15 years of age

  • Spotted Bear along with her followers have been publicly attacking the victim on social media

  • On at least three different occasions Spotted Bear has posted the name of the underage victim

Joann Mae Spotted Bear gained a social media following during the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock but recently has acquired attention for the actions of her son.

According to police reports, Spotted Bear’s 20-year-old son Jered Spottedbear met with a girl from Tinder on July 7, 2018, in Reno, Nevada. The two met up at the Grand Sierra Resort where it is reported that Jered “digitally penetrated” the teenage girl several times in different areas of the casino.

After spending an unclear amount of time at the casino, the two went to a nearby apartment complex to use the swimming pool. According to police reports, shortly after arriving at the complex, they gained access to an enclosed hot tub. While in the hot tub, the couple began “kissing and fondling one another.”

The teenage girl removed her swimsuit bottom, at which point it is said Jered grabbed her and placed her on his lap. Once on his lap, the victim realized he too was nude from the waist down and attempting to have vaginal sex with her.

In the police documents, it states that the victim did not want to have vaginal sex with Jered because she was scared she would get pregnant but did consent to anal sex. Jered dismissed the victim’s lack of consent and proceeded to have vaginal sex with the girl. Vaginal intercourse was said to have continued “for some time” until Jered removed his penis before ejaculation.

Jered was found by police officers roughly 5 miles away from the scene of the crime. According to the police report, Jered admitted to being involved in a sexual act and willingly agreed to go to the Reno Police Department for a recorded interview. According to the police documents, both the victim and Jered told police the vaginal sex was non-consensual.

The girl admitted to sending naked pictures to Jered via Tinder. It was not clear if Jered knew the girl’s age at the time of the incident. Jered is currently being held in Washoe County Jail with a $25,000 bail. He is charged with sexual assault and lewdness with a child 14 or 15 years of age.

Even more disturbing than the incident is the reaction from Spotted Bear towards her son’s victim. A post on to Spotted Bear’s Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon read, “Keep in mind that there is no page 2 it goes into page 3 and there’s some missing information there’s no signature and there’s no date on one of the documents and also keep in mind that the young girl was on a adult website called TINDER thank you. And she also admitted to sending nude pictures.”

In the post, Spotted Bear also posted pictures of paperwork related to the case. The paperwork gives the 15-year-old victim’s full name, which opens Spotted Bear up for potential legal problems of her own. Spotted Bear has posted the victim’s name at least three times since Wednesday.

Spotted Bear has also tried to claim the victim does not exist and is part of some bizarre conspiracy against her. The Daily Haze managed to find social media accounts for the victim dating back as early as 2014. Spotted Bear also claimed her son was being held without charges, which also is false. A simple search of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office website shows Jered has been charged since his arrest on Wednesday.

The only thing more disturbing than Spotted Bear’s reaction to the incident is the response from her social media followers. Several followers have been quite openly attacking the 15-year-old victim. Below are examples of some of their comments about the victim.

In one comment, Susan Breloff states, “omg the dr should tell her the anus is an EXIT not an ENTRANCE.!
how disgusting,she pretending she is 18 years old and a GAY MAN.”

Another Facebook follower, Carmen Pacheco stated that the parents of the victim need to be held accountable. In another comment to me, Pacheco called the victim a “ratchet 15-year-old,” and said she was not an “innocent child.” Pacheco also sent me a direct message saying I was a “Rape victim that likes to take revenge on other people.” She then claimed the victim did not exist and promptly blocked me before I could respond.

In response to a comment from Spotted Bear, Linda Craig Fabrico referred to the victim as an “advanced whore.” Nancy León replied, “I agree. No virgin pleads for anal sex 😳.”

Fabrico decided to double down on her comments about a 15-year-old rape victim by stating the girl may be a prostitute sent to set Spotted Bear’s son up. She goes on to say the girl was a willing participant, despite both the girl and Jered telling police it was not consensual vaginal sex. Tlacaelel Fuentes backed up the claim and stated Jered might be the victim.

In one comment, Margaret Sanchez implied she had cyber stalked the victim and was encouraging Spotted Bear to post pictures of the underage girl.

Anna Rosewood suggested that Spotted Bear should have bailed her son out then left Reno. In her comment, she says that the police would not have gone and looked for him. Rosewood then hopes the charges are dropped because the “girl was asking for it.”

The behavior of Spotted Bears and her followers is terribly disturbing to say the least. These people have managed to push the blame on everyone from the victim, to the federal government, despite Jered’s confession to the police of having non-consensual sex with the girl.






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