Twitter Users Claim Dr Jennifer Schulte Responsible For Calling Cops On Oakland Barbecue

Twitter users claim Dr Jennifer Schulte as the woman responsible for calling the police on a black family having a barbecue in Oakland, California at Lake Merritt

  • The viral video shows a woman claiming that a black family was not allowed to barbecue in the area

  • Twitter users on Monday identified Schulte as the woman behind the video

  • Schulte’s LinkedIn account has been deleted since being named as the woman responsible

Almost a week after a video showing a white woman calling the police on a black family having a barbecue in Oakland, California at Lake Merritt went viral, Twitter users claim to have identified her.

On Monday, Twitter user @kevinCash__ tweeted the following image with the caption, “This is Dr. Jennifer Shulte of @Stanford university who racially profiled the black family in #oakland at #lakemerritt #thisisamerica #cnn #fox #stanford #jennifershulte.”

Internet sleuths quickly began the hunt for Schulte, which led to a LinkedIn profile that is now deleted. The profile for Schulte claimed to be a “Senior Project Manager Air Quality” and a doctor of philosophy according to screenshots from Google searches before the profile was deleted.

The full video is 24:51 long, and begins at the site where the family was trying to barbecue. The woman recording approaches the woman as she is apparently still on the phone with police. After questioning the woman’s intentions for calling the police, she claims the family is using a charcoal grill in an area where grilling is not allowed.

The woman is followed to a gas station where she finally meets the police. Upon seeing the police, the woman breaks into tears and begins to claim she was the victim of harassment, despite spending the last two hours trying to get the police to stop a family barbecue.

The woman behind the call has now become a viral meme and is being ridiculed for her ridiculous actions across the Web. The video has been shared countless times. The full video can currently be viewed on Noble Django’s Facebook account. Django posted the video on Friday with the following caption.

This Is America: Suspected racists know they can call the police on black people for anything. In this case it was barbecuing while black. This bad build body lady in Oakland California, saw a few blacks having a nice time, then called the police for no reason. After the police was spotted, she went into full victim mode.



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