Jennifer Morgan to begin trial after St Louis police shot her 18 times in the back

Almost two years ago Jennifer Morgan was shot a total of 18 times by St Louis police

  • Jennifer called police after a known drug user and prostitute was inside her brother’s house refusing to leave

  • When police arrived they shot Jennifer in the back 16 times and 2 grazed her arm

  • Police claim Jennifer pointed a gun at police and refused to drop it

  • Jennifer was married to a sheriff’s deputy and her father was a police officer

Editor’s Note: It was originally reported Jennifer’s brother Mike had called her to the house. Jennifer was going to the house to grab some of her possessions and a letter from the VA in regards to an upcoming surgery for a nerve simulator. Jennifer  entered the house when she heard Mike screaming from outside. That correction has been made in this article.

On May 8, 2015, Jennifer Morgan’s life was changed forever. It is a story so heinous and grim that for many what Jennifer has endured is unfathomable at best.

Jennifer was the wife of a St. Louis City Sheriff’s Deputy; her father was a police officer, and so it comes as no surprise that she had an undying faith in the police. She never would have guessed by calling the police on an intruder that she would end up in a wheelchair and facing a possible jail sentence.

Karla Nicholson

Jennifer’s brother, Mike Morgan, received a traumatic brain injury while at work seven years ago. Since the accident, Jennifer and her siblings would help take care of Mike in the house his mother left for him when she passed away.

Karla Nicholson, who has a record of prostitution and drug use, had been coming around Mike’s house in the months before the shooting. Mike’s siblings had been trying to keep Nicholson away, out of concern that she may have been taking advantage of his disability.

The Shooting

On the night of May 8, 2015, Jennifer was going to get some of her possessions from Mike’s house, along with a letter she was expecting from the VA in regards to an upcoming surgery she had for a nerve simulator. Jennifer heard Mike screaming from outside, so she entered the house.

Once inside, Jennifer and Nicholson got into a confrontation. It was during the confrontation that Mike and Nicholson say Jennifer pulled a gun as she called the police on Nicholson. Nicholson claims to have called the cops as well.

Police arrived on the scene and confused Jennifer with the suspect.

Some moments in life are so unjustifiably tragic that we try to convince ourselves it is just a nightmare and we will surely wake up at any moment. Unfortunately for Jennifer, this was not a nightmare. It was reality. The confrontation with Nicholson was real, calling the police was real, and the 16 bullets that two police officers were firing into her back at that moment were very fucking real.

Jennifer, an Army veteran who tried her best to stay in shape, managed to take 16 bullets into her back before falling to the ground. Two more bullets would graze her arm as she finally fell. She still had no clue police had even arrived.

“Ketchups” and “Tiger”

Early in the day, Jennifer was trying to remind herself to pick up ketchup. This was one of her last major thoughts before the shooting, that would come back to haunt her later.

Jennifer’s memory of the shooting comes from an altered perception. The bullets that were exiting through her chest and abdomen she viewed as “ketchups.” She was able to count the ketchups coming out of her, and even remembers counting “12, 13, 14.”

At the same time, the shock could only prevent so much pain. Jennifer began to feel a burning and believed she was being ripped apart by the cat “Tiger.”

In reality, it is believed that the ketchups and Tiger were her mind’s way of dealing with the incredible physical and mental trauma it was enduring.

As Jennifer fell to the floor, she had not even realized police were in the home. That was when she heard someone yelling for her to “shut the fuck up” as she called for her brother. It was not until she was struck with the butt of the gun that she realized something was wrong.

She felt the hit and looked to realize officers were there just before receiving a boot to her face. From there, things become dark for Jennifer.

Jennifer died three times after arriving at the hospital. The officers’ bullets had completely shredded her body. She had lost so much blood that emergency workers were sure she was going to die. The loss of blood was just the tip of the iceberg, Jennifer’s intestines had been almost destroyed.

As Jennifer laid in the hospital on the verge of death, she was not allowed to have her loved ones by her side. Instead, she had deputies at her side. Little did Jennifer know that she had been the only one charged the night of the shooting.

Jennifer would later be told that she was paralyzed. Her spine had been severed in two places during the shooting. Medical professionals believed she would never move again, but against all odds, Jennifer managed to recover some movement in her body.

Jennifer Was The Only One Charged

Jennifer was charged with two felonies, assault on a law enforcement officer and armed criminal action. Police claimed that Jennifer pointed the gun at officers and refused to drop it. Some sources have reported officers claimed they shot Jennifer in the chest four times when she would not drop the gun.

Mike told FOX 2 Now that Jennifer had the gun in a downward position and was in the process of dropping the weapon when officers opened fire. Sources close to her say the police narrative is false due to all of Jennifer’s bullet wounds entering her back.

Jennifer survived the hundreds of surgeries and medical complications and now lives her life from a wheelchair. She is forced to use a colostomy bag. Her intestines were damaged severely causing her to almost immediately need to go to the bathroom, which is painful at times.

Aside from having to relearn how to live her everyday life, April 3, is Jennifer’s first court date. If found guilty, she could face a maximum sentence of 20-years in prison. However, due to her physical condition, her punishment would most likely be probation.

Police Claim Nicholson Was Not An Intruder

Police have referred to Mike’s house as a “flop house,” stating that keys were left outside for whoever to come in. Nicholson claimed she had a key the night of the shooting. Despite Mike and Jennifer claiming Nicholson refused to leave and was making threats with a screwdriver, police are arguing that she was not an intruder.

Following the shooting, the house was seized by police and condemned by the city.

Breaking The Narrative

The St Louis Police Department has come under scrutiny countless times over the years. The force is plagued with corrupt acts, excessive force, and wrongful shootings. Jennifer’s story is one that stands out from many of the others.

We have become familiar with a false narrative for police shootings on a national level. Normally it is an African-American male with a prior record that somehow justifies the unrelated shooting.

This ridiculous narrative leads many to believe that as long as you cooperate with police and do not break the law, you will not get shot.

Jennifer was a middle aged white woman married to a sheriff’s deputy, and she was the one who called the police. This is the last person you would expect to be shot by police, but she was. In fact, Jennifer was the only person to be arrested, charged, or injured at the scene of the crime.

It would bring me nothing but joy to tell you that Jennifer’s story has a happy ending, but sometimes that is not the reality we live in. Jennifer has been given 8 to 10-years to live. Even if she beats her case, and files a lawsuit, no amount of money will give her back the ability to walk.

As a result of her injuries, Jennifer’s long term memory barely exists. She can no longer remember her deceased parents. She is a prisoner in her own body, and now the St Louis Police Department looks to make her a prisoner of the state in a clear attempt to cover for their actions.




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