Jason Stockley Found Guilty Of Murder Will Be The Only Thing That Keeps The Peace In St Louis

If Jason Stockley is not found guilty protesters promise 100 days of protest

  • Jason Stockley is charged with First-Degree Murder for the December 20, 2011 shooting of Anthony Smith

  • Evidence strongly shows Stockley broke department policy during the confrontation with Smith

  • The Board of the Ethical Society of Police recently came forward asking for a guilty verdict for Stockley

Emotions are high as the people of St Louis eagerly wait for the verdict in the high-profile Jason Stockley murder trial. In December of 2011, 36-year-old Stockley shot and killed 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith, then later claimed it was an act of self-defense.

The case reopens unhealed wounds left over from the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson. On August 9, 2014, Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Brown, which led to months of protests in the streets of Ferguson and St Louis.

There is a one major difference between the shooting of Brown and Smith. In Brown’s case, there were conflicting accounts of how the shooting occurred. In Smith’s case, all the evidence appears to show that Stockley is guilty of murder.

State’s Memorandum in Support of a Guilty Verdict Against Jason Stockley by The Daily Haze on Scribd

The Confrontation

On December 20, 2011, at roughly 12:30 pm, Stockley, and his partner Officer Brian Bianchi claim to have witnessed Smith in a suspected drug deal in the Church’s Chicken parking lot at Thekla Avenue and Riverview Boulevard.

Smith attempted to flee the scene, leading officers on a 3-mile chase through neighborhoods that hit speeds of 87 miles per hour. The chase ended when Smith crashed his vehicle, followed by Bianchi and Stockley ramming the back of his vehicle.

During the confrontation, Smith was shot five times, once in the neck, upper chest, and forearm, and twice in his left flank. FBI Lab Examiner Doug Halepaska determined that the shot that hit Smith’s clavicle was fired between contact and six inches.

Dashcam from inside the police cruiser shows Stockley tell Bianchi “Gonna kill this motherfucker, don’t you know!” Only 45 seconds later Stockley shot and killed Smith.

Smith appeared to be trying to flee from the officers when Stockley opened fire, which is against the department’s policy. Lieutenant Kirk Deeken testified that St Louis Metro Police Department officers are not allowed to fire at a fleeing vehicle. It is also noted that Bianchi did not fire at Smith as he attempted to flee the scene.

There is Video that shows Stockley had his personal AK-47 on him at the time of the shooting. Carrying a personal weapon during duty is also against SLMPD policy.

Stockley claims that his reason for the shooting was a response to witnessing Smith with a silver revolver. However, when Bianchi approached the vehicle, he can be seen holstering the weapon, which is the opposite response that an officer would give when approaching an armed suspect. Smith’s airbag had also deployed, which impaired any vision inside the vehicle.

Shots Fired

After the shooting Stockley went to the back of the police cruiser at least four times, the first time to place his AK-47 in the backseat. He later returned to the cruiser and retrieved something from a duffel bag. Stockley later claimed he was retrieving some “Quick Clot” to treat Smith’s injuries, even though the injuries were never treated.

According to court documents, Stockley also took off his gloves before he found a silver revolver and a small bag of heroin in Smith’s vehicle. It is also noted that Smith’s DNA was not found on the revolver or the heroin. The only DNA found belonged to Stockley. Stockley sustained no injuries during the confrontation, meaning his DNA would have came from a prior date, implying that he was in possession of the weapon before the confrontation with Smith.

Over the radio, Stockley only reported “shots fired,” but never mentioned Smith having a gun. Other officers arriving on the scene were also not told that Smith had a gun. Stockley claimed he did not report the gun because he did not want to clog up the radio and there was feedback, even though he used the radio several times after alerting dispatch of “shots fired.”

The Board of the Ethical Society of Police recently came forward asking for Stockley to be found guilty of First-Degree Murder. Their report can be read in full below.

Board Of the Ethical Society Of Police Response To Jason Stockley Murder Charge by The Daily Haze on Scribd

100 Days Of Protest

Despite the abundance of evidence against Stockley, there are multiple reasons to believe that St Louis is preparing for a not guilty verdict. Organizers have already called for 100 days of protest should the justice not be served.

The City of St Louis has been busy putting up barricades around government buildings to protect them from the possible backlash from protesters. Governor Eric Greitens has already warned that he will have the National Guard ready to deploy should large acts of civil disobedience follow the Stockley verdict. The Stockley verdict is expected to come down possibly on Friday.




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