Jason Is A Social Scientist Has Created The Most Bizarre Facebook LIVE Show To Take His HIV Medication

Jason Alvin has been sharing his life with social media as he takes his daily HIV medication

  • On Facebook Alvin uses his page Jason is a social scientist to do his daily show

  • Alvin takes TRIUMEQ®, which is a combination of three drugs, abacavir, dolutegravir, and lamivudine

  • The show is Alvin’s way of debunking myths about HIV and used as a means of personal support

Every night Jason Alvin takes to Facebook LIVE and YouTube to find support and share his life with the world in one of the most bizarre fashions the Internet has ever seen.

Alvin has created a show with a steadily growing audience in order to help him cope with having HIV. The premise behind the show is to watch Alvin take his HIV medication, TRIUMEQ®. Alvin takes this medication every day on livestream from his Facebook page, Jason is a social scientist, while simultaneously running a second stream from a different angle though his YouTube channel, also appropriately named, “jason is a social scientist.”

The show is titled, “Jason is a social scientist,” followed by what number pill he is on, currently 430. Alvin films his show from inside an “echo chamber” he made himself in what appears to be his living room and kitchen. Alvin says the show is a “cloud atlas” and has at least “600 years of entertainment” in it.

Alvin is normally seen wearing no shirt, fairy wings, and a hat of some sort. He covers a wide spectrum of subjects over a hypnotic electronic beat on repeat. Throughout the show, Alvin can be seen randomly pausing to play with toys with a child-like innocence, playing his keyboard, smoking some grass, or playing with a mini Pac-Man replica arcade game through his dual livestreams.

Like a powerful mushroom trip, at times the show is a bit disorientating and captivating all at once. Alvin gives away his paintings to fans that share his videos in nightly drawings. On Thursday night one lucky fan will win his painting titled “Penis Number 6.” Fans of the show get excited over “the doughnut song,” and then “shower time” where Alvin becomes “clean as a whistle.”

What is best about the show is the connection Alvin clearly has with his fans. The comment section is very positive, and negative comments are normally frowned upon by the rest of the community. Alvin gives shout-outs to people following and commenting, and most importantly, the people keep coming back for more.

The main reason people are so intrigued by this extremely strange display seems to be Alvin’s honestly. If you look past the initial shock of trying to comprehend what is going on in the show, Alvin openly talks about many taboo subjects, such as his history of drug addiction, suicidal thoughts, and every day challenges of being HIV positive.

Alvin has admitted that he did not want to take his first pill. He felt his life was over after he was diagnosed with HIV. However, Alvin has found a way to live with his diagnosis. Alvin’s children play a major role in his positive outlook, and his show is his way of educating people on some of the fallacies that surround HIV. The show is also a support system for Alvin as some of his latest streams have brought over 50,000 views to watch as he takes his daily dosage of TRIUMEQ®.

TRIUMEQ® is a combination of three drugs, abacavir, dolutegravir, and lamivudine. Abacavir is a reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (RTIs), which act as a way of controlling HIV infections, AIDS, and in some cases hepatitis B. RTIs help to inhibit the activity of reverse transcriptase, which viral DNA polymerase which is required for the replication of HIV.

Dolutegravir is an antiretroviral medication commonly used with other medications to treat HIV/AIDS. The drug is also sometimes used as a post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection following possible exposure.

Lamivudine, more commonly known as 3TC, is an antiretroviral medication used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. It has occasionally been used as a treatment for hepatitis B when other options are not available and can also be used as a post-exposure prevention. The drug is a cytosine analogue that terminates the viral DNA which inhibits the reverse transcription.

The main message that Alvin tries to project is that HIV is a preventable disease and there is not a reason to fear someone with HIV, especially if they are using their medication properly. Alvin’s show has become a safe place for discussing the topic of living with HIV.



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