Jamie and Floyd Williams face 1-year of reintegration for their children.

Jamie and Floyd Williams will have to do a 1-year reintegration plan to get custody of their children back.

  • The Williams had all nine of their children removed over 2-years ago.

  • A letter from a social worker claims trauma came from removing the children, not in the household.

  • After completing the reintegration plan, the Williams children will have been in state custody for over 3-years.

It has been almost 3-years that a Kansas family has been fighting to get their children back from the Department for Children and Families. Today it was decided that Jamie and Floyd Williams face 1-year of reintegration for their children.

How it all started.

The Williams had all nine of their children removed from their custody after Jamie swatted their teenage daughter on the leg with a broom. When Jamie had asked the girl to mop the kitchen, the teenage daughter responded in a rather profane manner.

There was no bruise from the punishment, but the teenager daughter told the school counselor about the incident the next day. The counselor notified DCF, and that day all nine children have been removed.

At the time of the children’s removal, both Jamie and Floyd were working. They were receiving no assistance, nor did they need to. Fighting to get custody of their children financially, and emotionally crippled the couple. However, due to their persistence they may still get their family back, but not without an additional wait.

A letter from a social worker claims the state caused trauma to the family.

Today, in an El Dorado courtroom the decision was made to start Jamie and Floyd on a reintegration plan with their children. The reintegration plan is set for one year, which means that it will still be at least another year before they receive their children back.

A letter obtained by TDH from Rebecca Sandoval, a clinical social worker, jamie-and-floyd-williams-face-1-year-of-reintegration-for-their-children-lettershows that there was trauma in the case of the Williams family. However, Sandoval claims that the trauma came from DCF’s actions, not in the household.

“Lack of appropriate reintegration efforts has been more detrimental to this family,” Sandoval goes on to suggest, “therefore we should move in a timely manner to help this family.”

Even with Sandoval’s suggestion, it is now said that it will be another year of jumping through whatever hoops are placed in front of them for the couple to have their family hole again.

Title IV funding’s impact on these cases.

Today’s decision is just one of many cases that show the systematic attempts to keep children in state custody to receive Title IV funding for as long as possible. In all, Jamie and Floyd’s nine children can bring in over a million dollars in funding over the period of a year.

The privatization of Child Protection Services has turned children into a source of revenue and destroyed the purpose of the service. Helping keep families together has been replaced with keeping families separated for as long as possible. As long as CPS around the country is privatized, this is a problem that will most likely not go away.



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