James Lockhart Raped His 2-Year-Old Daughter For The Dark Web

The criminal complaint against James Lockhart goes into disturbing detail of a video showing him raping his 2-year-old daughter

  • Lockhart was identified during an investigation by Homeland Security targeting high-level child pornography websites

  • The complaint states that Lockhart’s daughter screamed and cried throughout the entire eight minute video

  • Lockhart’s daughter and twin brother were both removed from the home during the execution of a search warrant in October

  • The sheriff’s department is working with Homeland Security to decide charges for Lockhart who could face charges including capital sexual battery among others

In Bradenton, Florida, 30-year-old James Lockhart is facing both federal and state charges after he was arrested for raping his 2-year-old daughter on video then posting it to the Dark Web.

The criminal complaint against Lockhart from the Department of Homeland Security is extremely graphic and acts as evidence that monsters are real. DHS found Lockhart during an investigation into high-level child pornography rings/websites code named “Operation Test Pilot.”

DHS is investigating multiple people believed to be residing in America and other countries. Those under investigation were using an Internet-based bulletin board found in an anonymous online network located on the Dark Web.

Boston agents from Homeland Security Investigations were working with foreign law enforcement agencies analyzing images, videos, forum postings, and messages posted by Lockhart under the online aliases “StrangeWood” and HardWood” on forums dedicated to sexually abusing children.

In November 2017, Lockhart posted a 7:58 long video showing the extreme sexual abuse of his 2-year-old daughter. The video begins with the daughter lying naked on her back holding a green stuffed toy. Lockhart picks up a white sheet of paper from the sofa and shows it to the camera. On the paper is the handwritten message, “StrangeWood for MK PP.” Lockhart places the paper next to the child then begins his sexual assault.

The complaint not only goes into explicit detail of the contents of the video, but it also notes the child continues to cry and scream throughout the entire video. At one point, the complaint states the child “attempts to roll to one side and then the other.”

Along with the video Lockhart also posted a comment saying he prefers “little girls age 0-8 and the more hardcore the better.” Lockhart also states that he is working on editing his first video.

Hey I am new to the production game but I am eager to get working and get better. I prefer little girls age 0-8 and the more hardcore the better. I guess my perfect video would be a toddler getting a creampie. Currently working on editing my first video but should have a teaser up shortly. Thank you all, StrangeWood.

In a comment, Lockhart talks about where he has ejaculated while sexually assaulting the girl. In another comment, he asked if there are any “requests” for more pictures and videos.

I will post more pictures and video soon. She’s young and cant really follow directions but are there any requests?

Lockhart also admitted to sexually assaulting the girl’s twin brother. In the same comment, Lockhart says he “will think about making a video of him.” He goes on to say he is not as interested in abusing the boy.

I will think about making a video of him we will see. I have experimented with him before but it was not something that got me going like she does.

Investigators found that Lockhart had also posted several pictures of his daughter, one of which had a sheet of white paper in the background with the word “StrangeWood” written on it.

In September, Investigators managed to trace the names “StrangeWood” and “HardWood” back to Lockhart through his Kik messenger. On October 2, investigators received the Kik IP logs from November 2017 which had the handle “Strangewood” and a profile name “Hard Wood.” Investigators sent the IP to Frontier Communications which led them to Lockhart.

Once agents identified Lockhart they executed a federal search warrant. Agents showed Lockhart’s wife a picture from the video with her daughter’s face blurred. The complaint states the mother was able to instantly recognize their daughter in the picture even with the face blurred. Lockhart’s wife recognized her green stuffed toy, earrings and the couch. She also identified Lockhart’s hand in the image.

Investigators conducted a hand comparison using a photograph of Lockhart’s hand taken during the execution of the search warrant and a screenshot from the video. It was noted that Lockhart removed his wedding ring while raping his daughter. Under the ring was a small brown mole that is visible in the video.

Investigators also say there was a handwritten ledger found in the house that matched the writings on papers in both the pornographic video and images. A comparison showed similarities in the E’s, R’s, K’s, and D’s.

Officers found a custom built computer tower inside Lockhart’s office at the residence. On the tower, investigators found multiple images of children performing a “variety of sexually exploitative activities.”

Both children were removed from the residence on the same day the search warrant was executed. The local sheriff’s department is working with Homeland Security to decide on charges. Lockhart could be charged with capital sexual battery, among other state charges.



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