Go Fund Me For Jamal from Huddersfield Raises £150,000

A Go Fund Me campaign started by Mohammed Tahir for “Jamal from Huddersfield” has raised £147,890

  • Jamal is a Syrian refugee seen in a viral video being bullied by a bigger student

  • In the video Jamal is held to the ground by his throat and waterboarded

  • Mohammed claims the bullying has been going on for months for both Jamal and his sister

A viral video from Huddersfield, England, shows a 15-year-old Syrian refugee named Jamal with a broken arm thrown to the ground then waterboarded by a bigger bully.

In the video, the bully says “Hey Jamal, come here.” The bully grabs Jamal and throws him to the ground. He then holds Jamal by his throat as he dumps water on his face. The bully can be heard saying, “Ya little bastard. I’ll drown ya.” After he is let up, Jamal gets up and calmly walks away.

The video drew immediate outrage after seeing the treatment of the refugee. It wasn’t long before Mohammed Tahir decided to do something positive for Jamal and his family. Just two days ago, Tahir started a Go Fund Me for Jamal’s family. The campaign has already raised £147,890 of the £150,000 goal.

The description in the campaign tells the backstory behind Jamal. According to Tahir, Jamal and his sister have been the victims of bullying for months now. The bullying has gotten so bad that his sister broke the lenses out of her glasses and tried to cut her wrists at school.

Tahir confirms Jamal’s family are refugees and are struggling to meet basic needs. His friend does community work and knows the family. The Go Fund Me campaign is being donated to Jamal’s family to try and put a smile on the family’s faces despite the issues they are currently facing.

A video has been circulating the internet of a child being bullied at his school. He already has a broken arm as you can see in the video and he was thrown to the ground, choked and water boarded.

The victim Jamal is a refugee in the UK who has been subject to months of bullying along with his little sister. To the point where his little sister has broken the lenses in her glasses and attempted to cut her own wrists in school toilets.

Jamal’s family are refugees in the UK and they struggle to meet the basic necessities of life. We want to raise money for the family to ease their situation and hopefully they can use the funds to help improve their quality of life and to put a smile on their faces. Having left a war torn country, the least they deserve is to live in peace without being harassed. Please donate generously and let’s change this horrible situation into a blessing in disguise for them.

I’ve been asked by Go Fund Me to provide some more info on this to ensure that all the funds go to the right people:

My friend does regular charity work in Huddersfield which involves giving food donations to refugee families. He is in contact with them and has made them aware of this Go Fund Me page. My friend is also keeping me updated on any responses from them.

-I plan to add Jamal’s relevant guardians as the beneficiaries of the total funds. I am working with Kelsey from Go Fund Me (we are in contact via email) to ensure that the money gets to them. 

-Throughout the campaign I have increased the target of the funds and I will continue to do so as I feel it is  important that we raise as much money as possible for the family.  

The video was heart breaking to watch and I just wanted to help them out in any way I could. I had the idea to set up this page and through immense support from social media it has all gone really well.

A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far, please follow my Twitter @mtahir_17 for any updates on this.




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