2-Month-Old Jacob Mathew Thomas-Grimes Murdered By Oklahoma Foster Father Austin Charles Davis

2-month-old Jacob Mathew Thomas-Grimes was pulled from life support after being shaken by his foster father Austin Charles Davis

  • Oklahoma City Police conducted a welfare check on Jacob on October 8 after he was reportedly not breathing

  • A doctor told police that Jacob’s injuries were too severe for him too recuperate

  • Jacob was taken off life support on Friday

  • Davis admitted to police that he had shaken Jacob because the infant was crying

A foster father in Oklahoma City is in jail for murder after admitting to shaking 2-month-old Jacob Mathew Thomas-Grimes. Jacob was kept alive for several days with the help of life support, but his injuries were too severe.

On October 8, at around 9:00 am Oklahoma City Police Officers responded to a welfare check at 1006 NW 89 after it was said Jacob was not breathing. Jacob was taken to Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center where staff discovered that his injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

Austin Charles Davis

Jacob’s foster father, Austin Charles Davis, admitted to an officer that he did shake the infant. Davis told the investigator that Jacob was crying while leaning against his thighs. Davis said he “picked him up and shook him” while telling the infant to “just stop.” Davis also showed police the position he was in when he was shaking Jacob.

Davis was arrested Thursday on a charge of child abuse and booked into Oklahoma County Jail.

Choctaw Nation

A doctor told police that Jacob’s injuries were too severe and that “he will never recover.” Jacob was kept alive for days before the decision was made to take him off of life support on Friday. Davis has since been charged with murder and is being held without bail.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services stated Jacob was not in their custody and shifted blame to the Choctaw Nation who were in charge of the case.

A spokesperson for Choctaw Nation released the following statement:

We extend our prayers and sympathies to all those impacted by the death of this infant. We are supporting a full investigation of the case; however, confidentiality laws prevent us from commenting about a specific child or case.

Matt Grimes Viral Facebook Post

On October 11, Jacob’s biological father Matt Grimes made a post on his Facebook that was shared almost 5,000 times. Grimes shared three pictures of Jacob in the hospital on life support.

Grimes posted the following caption along with the images:

This is what Oklahoma DHS and the courts consider protecting a child. This is my two and a half month old baby boy. Jacob Mathew Thomas-Grimes. He has severe brain damage from bleeding on the brain. He was at a foster home less than 24 hours before I got to meet him for the first time in this condition. He won’t recover and will be removed from the ventilator soon to pass on and be with our Father. I’m making this public because I feel enough children have died in DHS custody. We’ve made our mistakes as parents by providing a questionable environment at times but I assure you our children were never harmed physically and sure as fuck never died. Kids should be removed if they are hurt or molested sure. My kids were removed from my custody because my girlfriend and I had a fight. I feel common sense should supercede law and every case should be looked at individually instead of the cookie cutter routine DHS now for every case. I would like help getting our story out there and appreciate any feedback you may have. Thank everyone for their concern and prayers.

A Go Fund Me campaign was set up by Grimes to help with Jacob’s funeral costs. The campaign has a goal of $10,000 but has only raised $400 at the time of this article. In the campaign description, Grimes claims that Jacob suffered severe brain bleeding and a broken neck. Grimes also claims Jacob was not even in the home with Davis for 24 hours when the injuries occurred.



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