Images from Iowa show arrests stemming across the Dakota Access.

The stand against the Dakota Access continues in Iowa.

  • Arrests have been made in Iowa and other areas against those opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Those locking themselves to equipment are facing theft charges for halting construction.

  • Iowa has even less media attention than North Dakota.

Aside from the brief mainstream media attention brought on the Dakota Access Pipeline by Democracy Now journalist Amy Goodman, the situation continues to be a corporate media blackout across the country. Images from Iowa show arrests are still occurring as water protectors stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Construction disrupted in Iowa

Attempts to halt construction of the pipeline are still being implemented by water protectors along the DAPL. With continued demonstrations also comes more arrests.

Mississippi Stand has become a voice for those standing against the pipeline in Iowa. Similar methods of stopping construction are being used that we have seen in North Dakota. In specific, water protectors locking themselves to Dakota Access equipment.

Needless to say, these demonstrations normally end with the arrests of anywhere from just a few, to a couple of dozens of water protectors. Video/photography journalist Michael Kudlick for TDH captured the moment that water protectors were arrested after demonstrations in Keokuk, Iowa.

Cameron Kennedy and Dan Soloman arrested

Cameron Kennedy, 27, of Minneapolis, locked himself to a drilling waste vehicle. The truck plays a significant role in the construction process underneath Mississippi River. Once the sludge tank is full, the waste vehicle transports and deposits drilling byproduct to an unlined earthen pit near the Des Moines.

Once the sludge tank is full, construction stops until the tank can be emptied. By locking himself onto the waste vehicle, Kennedy was able to take out possibly one of the most important pieces of equipment for a large part of the work day.

Kennedy was charged with 3rd-degree theft and criminal trespassing. For every hour construction was stopped, Kennedy is accused of committing theft of $250.00. If construction had been halted for another hour, Kennedy would have been charged with felony theft. For his current charge, Kennedy could face up to 24-months in jail.

Dan Solomon was arrested with Kennedy. Soloman was accused of aiding and abetting and criminal trespassing. Solomon’s role was to stand with Kennedy and ensure he was provided water and snacks during his time locked to the equipment. Both decided to stay the night in jail and have since been released from jail.

Bail could be giving local law enforcement incentive for arrests

The growing list of those arrested along the pipeline shows two things. The investors involved with DAPL want construction to continue at all costs. However, the jails that these protectors are being taken to are making money hand over fist. This is leading many to encourage a new strategy when it comes to arrest.

Most areas along the pipeline have places to donate for legal aid. This money goes towards bailing those arrested out of jail. Some are suggesting just to stay in jail until they are released, as paying the bail may act as an incentive to increase the number of arrests at these demonstrations.

Photo Credit: Michael Kudlick
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