The Internet Hunt For Paige Doyle After Viral Post Saying Hispanics Are A “Nasty Race”

The Internet is hunting for a woman named Paige Doyle after a racist message exchange was posted to Facebook

  • Jacky Carranza posted a conversation between her and Doyle that should her saying Hispanics are a“Nasty Race”

  • Carranza was inquiring about a free breast milk pump when Doyle said she would not give it to Hispanic people

  • Carranza’s post has been shared over 50,000 times since it was posted on Tuesday

  • Other women with the name Paige Doyle are now getting threats after Doyle deleted her Facebook account

  • Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital has stated that Doyle resigned from the company on July 4, 2017

While it is no surprise that there is a lot of hate and racism in the world, there are times where you cannot help but be taken back for a moment when somebody is so blatantly hateful without any clear reason as to why.

Jacky Carranza posted three screenshots of a conversation with Paige Doyle to her Facebook that has since gone viral due to the racially charged content of the conversation. The caption that went along with the images read as follows:

Racist lady alert!!!
I was just scrolling the market here on fb and I noticed an item that I would be needing for free. I kindly ask @PaigeDoyle if it was still available and this is what I get 😳
Bless her brain 🙏🏼
**Please share so that way she can see that we understand what she said**

In the message, Carranza asks, “Hi Paige Is your item still available by any chance?” In a surprisingly racist reply, Doyle replied, “Sorry I’m not currently giving away to Hispanic ppl.” Carranza, apparently stunned by the nature of the comment replied, “Wow ok.”

If the first response was not bad enough, Doyle decided to double down and respond by saying, “Sorry I just don’t believe in helping such a nasty race of ppl.” Carranza responded with a Facebook thumbs up. Doyle decided she was not done with her racial belittling and responded by saying, “You have a lot of nerve asking me for free item. You ppl get everything for free! In fact I’m surprised you can even read this lol.”

Internet Justice

Carranza’s post has been shared over 50,000 times since it was posted yesterday. The people of the Internet have pulled out the torches and pitchforks and began yet another hunt for Internet justice.

Since the post, Doyle has deleted her Facebook page. Now other women with the name Paige Doyle are being harassed by random people angered by Doyle’s comments, something we often see with these viral posts. Doyle’s Instagram account has also been set to private after that was discovered.

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The screenshot of Doyle’s profile states she works at “Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital.” People have since been messaging and calling the hospital to alert them of Doyle’s racist conversation. Advocate claims that Doyle resigned on July 4, 2017.

These hunts for Internet justice can be a dangerous thing. Other women named Paige Doyle are receiving threats and Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital staff are having to pull away from other tasks to handle the backlash from Doyle’s comments, despite her no longer being employed there. Many see these viral posts and get overwhelmed with anger and begin attacking whatever they can without confirming it is the right individual, which at times becomes worse than the initial viral post itself. Keep it classy Internet.



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