Did Sahar Tabar Do Over Fifty Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie


An Instagram “celebrity” is going viral after her strange journey to look like Angelina Jolie with the help of plastic surgery is spreading across the Web.

Sahar Tabar is a young woman said to be from Tehran, Iran. Tabar uses her Instagram, “sahartabar_official,” as a diary throughout her transformation into 42-year-old Jolie.

According to the Jastrzab Post, Tabar went on a special diet to get to weigh 88 pounds and has had at least 50 surgeries to look like Jolie. Tabar’s horrifying metamorphosis has gained her over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Little is known about Tabar and how she was able to afford all of the surgeries or her motivation. She has been reported as being 19, 22, and 29-years-old.

The overall response to her surgeries has been negative. Some have shown support, but it is few and far that one of her images receive positive feedback. Right at this moment, the story behind Tabar could very well be true. Some of Tabar’s images from Instagram can be seen below.



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