Indiana National Guard Investigating Ahmad Damra For Racial Fight

The Indian National Guard have said they are investigating a racially charged fight involving guardsman Ahmad Damra that occurred at a baseball game on Sunday

  • Damra is seen on camera yelling “spics” and “beaners” at the baseball fans

  • The video was recorded by Cub’s podcast host Danny Rockett

  • Aaron Del Grosso is said to have started the brawl

  • Damra is also a Phi Kappa Sigma at Indiana University

  • Phi Kappa Sigma claim to be investigating the incident as well

By now, millions of people have watched the racially charged fight between Indiana National Guardsman Ahmad Damra, Aaron Del Grosso and baseball fans during the 7th inning between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday.

The original video was uploaded to Cubs’ podcast host Danny Rockett’s Twitter account. The video starts with a brawl already in action in the bleachers. The fight is briefly broke up but soon erupts again as Damra is heard yelling “Fuck you spic” at the group of baseball fans.

Damra was also caught on camera yelling “spics” and “beaners” before noticing Rockett was filming him. After he notices Rockett recording Damra is heard saying “don’t record me” as he tries to take the phone. The original video on Twitter has received over one million views. Another version of the video from the Facebook page Occupy Democrats has received over 6 million views.

After the viral attention the racist brawl attracted it did not take long for Damra to be identified. Former Hoosiers kicker Del Grosso is seen in the video in a white hat and is said to have started the incident. Police were called, but nobody involved wanted to press charges.

After Damra was identified it was learned he is a Phi Kappa Sigma at Indiana University. According to Daily Mail, Phi Kappa Sigma is investigating the incident. It was also discovered that Damra is part of the Indiana National Guard. The Indiana National Guard responded to the incident in a statement on their Twitter.

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, we became aware of an incident allegedly involving an Indiana National Guard soldier that took place on September 24, 2018, at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. The statements made by this individual are not in keeping with the Army Values, and they do not reflect the views or beliefs of the United States Armed Forces, and specifically, the Indiana National Guard.

We take these types of situations very seriously, and the conduct of this individual is unbecoming of a service member.

The Indiana National Guard is conducting a thorough inquiry to determine the details surrounding this incident.



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