People Fall For Photoshop Image Of Michael Bennett Burning The American Flag

Thousands of people fall for a photoshopped image of Michael Bennett burning the American flag in the Seattle Seahawks locker room

  • The Vets for Trump Facebook page posted an image of Bennett holding a burning flag in the locker room as teammates cheered

  • The original image was from a post-victory dance in 2015

  • The photoshopped image has been shared almost 7,000 times

In the midst of a nationwide battle over the NFL taking a knee during the National Anthem, on Thursday, the Facebook page “Vets for Trump” posted an image of Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett burning the American flag in the locker room as his teammates cheered him on.


The post has since been shared almost 7,000 times. It is alarming the number of people that are blindly getting enraged and sharing the image out, especially, when you consider how painfully clear it is that the image is photoshopped.

While I could waste time pointing out how unnatural Bennett’s arm looks in the image or the lack of smoke, or even the sprinklers failing to go off, I won’t. Instead, here is the original image before it was altered.

Post-Victory Dance

The image was taken in 2015 and shows Bennett leading the team in a post-victory dance in the locker room. Since the image was taken, the post-victory dance has now become a tradition.

On the original post, almost 3,000 comments show just how many people believe the image to be real. People are chiming in to point out the photo is fake. The thread, in general, has become a troll’s wet dream come true.

In reality, whoever created the photo knew what they were doing and just helped to divide our country even more than it already is. Still, the creator of the photo can only take so much blame.

This image is not something hard to fact check to see if it is real. A simple Google reverse image search proves that. A good majority of those who fell for this will most likely spend more time bitching about this than they do fact checking it. The Bennett image is just more proof to not believe everything you see on the Internet.



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