Ignorance in America Growing Rapidly

Stupidity in America is Championed by the Asinine Clown-in-Chief

  • President Agent Orange panders to the hate groups

  • As hate groups grow, America’s ignorant citizens are emboldened

  • Intelligence must overcome the feeble-mindedness

It’s alarming to see the continual lack of humanity displayed by fellow humans. And it seems to only be getting worse as our vile commander-in-chief, Agent Orange, praises hate groups and attempts to erase human rights. He officially started by removing LGBTQ mentions from whitehouse.gov and Department of Labor, has banned “Muslim” (read: brown people) from coming to the US, and is attempting to remove our first amendment rights by wanting to silence media outlets that speak against him. He is also a well-known racist and sexual offender; yet still he sits in the Oval Office. With this poor representation of humanity in the highest seat of power in the US, it’s no wonder that the number of hate groups has spiked.

Hate groups are a reflection of idiocy

Daily we see reports of white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups spewing their hatred of people who  aren’t like them. Their racist rumblings were heard during the Obama administration, and are now emboldened by the election of the polar opposite of Obama. What makes these people think that they are better than others? Just by the genetic dice roll, these poor excuses of humans feel like superiority is their birthright. They go through life parroting what they hear from their conservative media. My favorite term of the ignorant is “Thought Police,” which is laughable. But it doesn’t take too much effort to notice that the underlying cause is ignorance. In an article titled Do Racism, Conservatism, and Low I.Q. Go Hand in Hand? it is broken down: Essentially, poor cognitive ability contributes to the inability to understand or relate to people who are different than expected norms. Not a far reach of the imagination. As such, people who feel they are superior are actually just woefully lacking intellect.

Stand up for what is right!

It is our duty as thinking humans to take care of each other and to speak out against injustices. Instead of bringing down our most vulnerable people, we should be lifting them up to strengthen them. Diversity is incredibly important not just in America, but in the world. What a boring place it would be if we were all carbon copies of each other! All it takes is a bit of mindfulness, and doing what you are capable of to help another person along in their life journey, even if it’s just lending an ear with an open mind. Nobody should ever be degraded just because they aren’t the same as you. Instead of talking down to someone who is different than you, you should sit down and talk to them. You’ll be surprised by what you will learn.



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