Ian David Long Identified As The Shooter At The Borderline Bar And Grill

Marine Veteran Ian David Long has been identified as the shooter at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks California

  • Long killed 12 people and injured at least 21 others before taking his own life

  • It is reported that Long used a legally owned Glock 21 .45-caliber handgun

  • Long shot an armed security guard outside the bar once he arrived

  • Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean says there is no motive for the shooting at this time

On Thursday, law enforcement identified 28-year-old Marine Veteran Ian David Long as the shooter that killed 12 people at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California Wednesday night.

It is believed Long forced himself into the bar and opened fire with a legally owned Glock 21 .45-caliber handgun with an extended magazine. Long opened fire on patrons, staff and a sheriff’s deputy before turning the gun on himself. According to Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean, there is still no motive behind the shooting.

Ventura County sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Helus rushed in the bar after the report of shots fired came in at 11:20 pm. Helus had been with the department for nearly three decades and had plans of retiring in the next year before he was killed by Long.

The Western-themed bar was having a weekly line dancing and college night open to 18 and older when Long began his shooting spree. A witness described Long as wearing a “bandanna on the bottom on his face, sunglasses, black hoodie, dark jeans.”

People took cover where they could and some even broke out windows to flee from the deadly shooting. It was reported at least 21 others were injured during the shooting. Long arrived at the bar in a car and initially shot an armed security guard before entering the building.

Long was in the US Marine Corps from August 2008 to March 2013. From 2013 to 2016 Long attended school at California State University, Northridge for a major in athletic training, which he did not complete.

In April, Long’s neighbor called the police on him after he was “banging on the walls and shouting.” After speaking with mental health specialists it was decided that Long did not meet the qualifications to be detained under the “5150” mental health detention law.

An old roommate of Long’s told the New York Post that he “he was kind of weird. He always locked himself in his room, he was always by himself.” 35-year-old Blake Winnett lived with Long two times. Once in 2012, and again in 2014 in in Simi Valley and Reseda, a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Winnett described Long as not being violent, but being mean. He had no interest in helping other people do anything and often locked himself in their garage to dance until he was sweating to loud music. Winnett has not spoken to Long in years. He said he had tried reaching out to him, but never managed to get in contact with Long.



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