HuffPost Removes Jordan Chariton Sexual Harassment Article

Two articles were published on the HuffPost Contributors Section accusing The Young Turks Jordan Chariton of sexual harassment

  • HuffPost removed both articles from their site on Friday

  • TYT has placed Chariton on administrative leave pending a third party investigation

  • In an article on Medium, Chariton proclaimed his innocence

  • A statement from Truth Against The Machine Editor-in-Chief Sam Oser said a lawsuit against the author and Huff Post is

    “being weighed”

Fans of The Young Turks’ Jordan Chariton were shocked when they awoke on Friday to an article from HuffPost that accused the journalist of sexual harassment.

The article was published late Thursday to the “HuffPost Contributor Platform,” meaning it was not written by a regular employee of the outlet. By Friday the article had been removed, but the damage was already done.

The removal of the article may have even done more damage. Facebook users who saw post captions accusing Chariton of sexual harassment then clicked on the link to find nothing were baffled. As Friday went on, the story becomes a bit confusing.

Graceanne Parks

On Friday morning, Graceanne Parks made a post to her personal Facebook page stating that Christian Chiakulas was the author of the HuffPost article. Parks claims that Chiakulas was plotting with a group to “take Jordan down.”

In her post, Parks states that she knew the allegations against Chariton were false, which is why she decided to play along and keep Chariton informed on what the group was doing. Apparently, Chiakulas named Parks in the article as a woman that was afraid to come forward because Chariton had pictures of her. However, Parks claims she only did that to gain the groups trust and has never met Chariton until three days ago.


In an article published on HuffPost on November 16th, Christian Chiakulas wrote that there was a female accuser who wanted to come forward but wouldn’t for fear of Chariton having photos of her. He was referring to me—I said that in a group chat that Christian and others were in plotting to ‘take Jordan down.’ I knew the allegations weren’t true and I wanted to help him so I played along. I was not worried about anything with Jordan. I was actually informing Jordan at the time of what they were plotting. During my time working at Truth Against the Machine, I became upset at Jordan occasionally but it never involved sexual harassment or assault. In fact, I never met Jordan until three days ago. The author’s claims are false and he needs to issue a correction immediately. This is all I will say about this. Those who continue to harass me about this will be contacted by a lawyer.

Christian Chiakulas

Scrolling through Chiakulas’ Facebook page, you can see he wrote two articles about Chariton for the HuffPost Contributor Section. The first article titled, “Why I Left A Promising Position with an Up-and-Coming Progressive Media Outlet,” and the article in question titled, “Jordan Chariton is Accused by Former Employees of Sexual Abuse, Harassment.”

In a post with the first article, Chiakulas wrote the caption, “So I need to officially announce that I left Truth Against The Machine recently. The reason I had to do so gives me no joy. Really, this fucking sucks. Multiple women have confirmed to me that Jordan Chariton sexually abused or harassed them. These women are going to come forward and tell their stories when they are ready (which will be soon, they tell me). But since Jordan found out we were talking about this and tried to pre-empt us with a SHAMEFUL statement of his own, I needed to get this started.” Chariton is the founder of Truth Against The Machine.

The post with the second article Chiakulas wrote had the caption, “So here’s the actual story. Trigger warning for description of sexual assault. There is so much that got left out of this that others are going to come forward about in the near future as well.”

In the comment section of one of Chiakulas’ posts, a user posted a screenshot of his resignation from TATM. The section of the email read, “Hi all, I am writing to formally resign from Truth Against The Machine/ It has been a long thought process for me to come to this decision, and I have finally made the hard choice that I cannot be part of it at this time. It’s nothing anybody did, I just realized that my time for activism is very limited right now and I would.”

Chiakulas responded by claiming, “I didn’t want to create drama for you and the other journalists. I’m extremely disappointed in you.”


Since the articles were made, TYT has placed Chariton on administrative leave while an outside investigator handles the situation. Chariton stated in an article on Medium that he respected TYT choice and understood their decision to do so.

Chariton also explains that a consensual sexual encounter was twisted into something dark using gossip. The encounter involved a married woman and Chariton claims to have all the evidence needed to clear his name should this situation escalate any further. Chariton’s article can be read in full here.

TATM Editor-in-Chief Sam Oser released a statement that read only “one victim” had come forward, not multiple. The statement goes on to bash Chiakulas for doing little to no investigative journalism and that a lawsuit against HuffPost and Chiakulas is “being weighed.”



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