Howell Emanuel Donaldson III Named As Seminole Heights Killer

Howell Emanuel Donaldson III has been charged with four murders that occurred in the neighborhood of Seminole Heights

  • Donaldson was arrested on Tuesday at a McDonald’s near the area

  • Police are confident that they have recovered the gun used in the four murders

  • On Wednesday Mayor Bob Buckhorn the city spent the last 51 days dealing with a serial killer

Following a two month manhunt, Tampa police have arrested 24-year-old Howell Emanuel Donaldson III for killing four people in the Seminole Heights neighborhood located in Tampa, Florida.

Donaldson was taken into custody on Tuesday afternoon by Tampa police from a McDonald’s in the area. Police recovered a gun that was used in the four murders. Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said Donaldson admitted to owning the gun but did not confess to the four murders.

We’ve had other guns, but we knew this was the one. Now the work begins to shore up the case and get a full prosecution.

At a glance, the four murders appear to be unconnected, but they all had something in common. All four victims were doing normal activities, like waiting at a bus stop and none of the victims were robbed.

51 Days Dealing With A Serial Killer

Officers patrolled the streets of Seminole Heights and warned residents not to go outside alone. Residents were told to leave on porch lights and the city trimmed back tree lines. Some residents refused to take part in everyday activities, such as walking their dogs or jogging. Fear had control of the neighborhood as Donaldson continued his hunt for victims.

Police do not know the motives behind the killings. Officials in Florida did their best to avoid using the term “serial killer,” but Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn has used the term to describe Donaldson more than once; including on Wednesday following the arrest.

[Tampa] has now spent the last 51 days dealing with a serial killer.

Original Story

In Tampa Florida, three murders within a mile radius of each other in the Seminole Heights area pushed Mayor Bob Buckhorn to publicly announce that the city may have a serial killer hunting the streets.

On October 9, 22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell was the first to be shot and killed. Two days later, 32-year-old Monicoa Hoffa was shot in cold blood. The latest shooting occurred on October 19, when 20-year-old Anthony Naiboa was gunned down.

The three victims did not know each other and were all riding the bus. All three were alone on the street when they were shot. None of the three victims were robbed and no motive is known at this time.

Mayor Bob Buckhorn

On Wednesday, Mayor Bob Buckhorn addressed officers during a roll call in Seminole Heights. Buckhorn instructed officers to, “Bring his head to me, all right?” He then followed with, “Let’s go get it done.”

On Thursday, police released a new video in hopes of finding a person of interest. The video was taken on October 9, the night of the first shooting. Seconds after Mitchell was murdered, a hooded person is seen running from the neighborhood in the video.

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