Photographer Has Hand Blown Off By Police Grenade During 13th Consecutive Yellow Vests Rally In Paris

  • On Saturday clashes between protesters and law enforcement in Paris escalated
  • Law enforcement officers used both tear gas and flash grenades to try and disperse the crowds
  • A photographer for the Yellow Vests had his hand blown off by a GLI-F4 tear gas grenade

The 13th consecutive Yellow Vests rally turned violent as police and protesters clashed in the streets of Paris on Saturday. On Friday, organizers behind the Yellow Vest rallies announced they would no longer give advance notice to officials after repeated severe injuries to protesters.

The Yellow Vest rally on Saturday once again escalated as police began firing tear gas and flash grenades in an attempt to disperse the crowd. Protesters threw the canisters back at police and also threw signs and whatever other debris they could find.

During the heated exchange, it was reported a man had his hand blown off by a tear gas grenade fired into the crowd by police. A tweet from @PartisanDE shows medics surrounding the man before firefighters rushed him to a local hospital.

Ruptly reported hearing the explosion before rushing over to the scene of the injured man. Video shows tear gas and flash grenades going off before and after the man sustained his injury. Cyprien Roye told RT France the injury occurred near the Nation Assemble.

That guy was just observing. The police arrived and started throwing grenades. One grenade flew right under the guy’s feet, and he tried to instinctively push it away with his hand, he hit it, and the grenade went off.
He clutched onto us. We led him to the wall where there were no people. He was screaming, screaming, he was in an [awful] state. We called the ‘street medics,’ many came, they didn’t even understand at first he had his hand blown off.

The protester is said to be a photographer for the Yellow Vests movement. According to Sputnik, a GLI-F4 tear gas grenade was what caused the injury. French law enforcement has used the GLI-F4 that contains a charge of 25g of TNT.

Over 50,000 protesters took part in Saturday’s rallies across France, with at least 5,000 in Paris. Unfortunately, this injury is not the first serious injury or even the first injury caused by the use of projectiles by law enforcement. In December 20-year-old Fiorina Jacob Lignier lost her eye after being shot with a projectile by law enforcement while trying to leave a protest at the Champs-Élysées.



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