Some guy had sex with a McChicken and almost broke Twitter!

McChicken hashtag becomes top trending on Twitter.

  • The now infamous #McChicken hashtag has caused an avalanche of spinoff videos.

  • McDonald’s has yet to make a comment about the trending hashtag.

  • People innocently clicked on the hashtag thinking it was for a promotion.

Yesterday Twitter users did not think much when they saw that #McChicken was a top hashtag trend. There are tons of legitimate reasons why that could be. Another promotion, or pink sludge video, but as it turned out, nobody was prepared for this hashtag. That is because some guy had sex with a McChicken and almost broke Twitter!

The hashtag was not for a promotion!

As Twitter users innocently clicked the trending hashtag, they quickly realized the mistake they had made. If you followed the hashtag, you were eventually led to a man having sex with what appears to be a McChicken.

The shocking video launched off into the viral realm of the web. The video was kicked off YouTube for breaking community guidelines. As of the time of posting this article, a 17-second video was alive and well on
McDonald’s Chiraq’s Twitter account.

The video was quickly removed from YouTube, but that did not stop the Internet from keeping it alive.

For obvious reasons, the video was quickly removed from as many areas as possible. However, the Internet was not going to allow this Internet gold be tossed out just yet.

The YouTube account ‘TheCrazyGinger’ was kind enough to upload a censored video with a link to the original video. The video was getting ready to break 100,000 after being uploaded just hours ago.

For all those who survived the McChicken hashtag of 2016 the McDonald’s dollar menu will never look the same again. As of now, McDonald’s has not made a comment on the trending hashtag.



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