A Go Fund Me Has Been Put Together For Andrew Finch’s Funeral

Family of Andrew Finch who was killed by an officer from the Wichita Police Department last night create a Go Fund Me for funeral costs

  • Police responded to a call of a hostage situation and killed 28-year-old Andrew Finch

  • Finch was the victim of a “swat” that originated from a dispute online

  • Family members have begun a Go Fund Me for Finch’s funeral costs

On Thursday night, officers from the Wichita Police Department responded to a call claiming a man had killed his father and was holding his family hostage.

According to the victim’s family, 28-year-old Andrew Finch saw the police lights and got up to check out what was going on. When Finch opened the door, his family claims police shot him. Finch’s mother and other family members were then told to step outside with their hands up.

A 7 second video played by police at a briefing shows Finch standing on his porch and one shot being fired. Police claim Finch was “reaching for his waistband,” a narrative that is far too common around the country following a police shooting.

Finch’s family members, including his niece, had to walk over Finch as he laid dying on the ground. After being forced outside barefoot and being handcuffed, they were taken in for questioning. The family claims police did not call for an ambulance until after Finch was deceased.

The family has put together a Go Fund Me to help with funeral costs. The campaign was started by Finch’s cousin, Jessica Marie Okeefe. It has a goal of $15,000 and has raised $255 at the time of this article.

The description of the campaign reads as follows:

My cousin Andrew Finch was murdered by WPD. We are asking for help from our community to give him a proper burial. Any donation will help. We appreciate all the love and support we have received.

Original Story

An officer for the Wichita Police Department has shot and killed 28-year-old Andrew Finch after receiving a “swatting” call

  • WPD received a call Thursday evening claiming a man had killed his father and was holding his family hostage

  • Officers arrived at the address they were given and fatally shot Finch after he came to the door

  • Deputy Chief Troy Livingston told local media he believed they were given false information

  • Twitter conversations claim Finch was an innocent victim in a “swatting”incident gone terribly wrong

  • Police have not given any details as to why an officer shot Finch

On Thursday evening, a well-known Internet prank turned deadly after police in Wichita, Kansas responded to a call claiming a man had killed his father and was holding his family hostage.

Police responded to the call, which ended with the shooting death of 28-year-old Andrew Thomas Finch. In a media briefing, Wichita Police Department Deputy Chief Troy Livingston stated they believe they were “given some misinformation on the call.” Finch did not murder his father, and there were no hostages at the residence.

During the media briefing, Livingston confirmed that Finch did not fire at officers. When asked if Finch was armed, there was no answer. It was said there will be more information released at Friday’s media briefing at 10:00 am.

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