Gigi Wu the “Bikini Hiker” Becomes the Latest Casualty of Selfie Deaths

  • Wu is believed to of died of hypothermia after falling off a mountain
  • Rescuers were unable to get to Wu for 43 hours
  • Wu became known as the Bikini Hiker after a losing a bet to a friend
  • A study showed from October 2011 to November 2017 259 people died while trying to take a selfie for social media attention

A 36-year-old Taiwanese woman named Gigi Wu has died of hypothermia after falling down a 65-foot ravine earlier in the week. Wu was better known online as the “Bikini Hiker” for her social media pictures of her on mountaintops in nothing but a bikini.

While some may believe Wu was a ditsy girl in a bikini running up the side of mountains, that is far from the truth. Wu was an experienced hiker who used appropriate hiking gear while hiking, then change into a bikini once the hike was finished. In total, Wu managed to get to the top of over 100 mountains before her death.

This week Wu fell while hiking the Batongguan Historic Trail in Yushan National Park in Taiwan. Wu survived her fall down the ravine and used a satellite phone to alert her friends to what had happened. On the call, Wu told her friends she was not able to move her lower half and was trapped at the bottom of the gorge.

Wu was able to give rescuers her coordinates. However, bad weather stopped the original rescue plan and instead of using a helicopter, rescuers had to go after Wu on foot. It took rescuers 43 hours to get to Wu, by which point she is believed to have died of hypothermia.

The Bikini Hiker was created out of a bet Wu lost to a friend. After images began gaining some traction on social media, it soon became a regular thing. Wu’s last mountaintop picture was posted on her Facebook page — which has a substantial following of 20,000 — on January 9. Facebook translates her final post as follows.

After love camp, most fog clouds
The water deer in the middle of the night is not only arrogant, because the camp central becomes mud pool, the water deer are growing up to drive pa
In the morning, when I was in a fog, when I was cooking breakfast, I was looking at the north peak of the,, or was it heavy in the direction of
Ah ~ ~ first on Anton North!# this time doesn’t go next time somehow!

The North Peak is short, full of wet micronesia, but there is a higher jiàn zhú, where to walk, anyway, the target is the highest point of the prism…..

It was just sunrise, the wind was super big, and the body was particularly by the jiàn zhú with a wet blow, and hesitated to take a selfie (it would be cold), ah! Take it! So beautiful! No phai will regret!

North East Lord next next next

As it turns out, Wu is far from the first person to lose her life while trying to gain attention from social media. Despite her doing what she claimed to love, there is a clear direct correlation between Wu’s hiking and her social media presence.

The idea of risking one’s life for social media fame is not a crisis at this point, but it is more widespread than some may realize. The issue is enough that a study was conducted showing 259 “selfie deaths” between October 2011 to November 2017 according to a study conducted last year.

The study was led by Dr. Agam Bansal at the India Institute of Medical Sciences and published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care journal. A comprehensive search of keywords, such as, “selfie deaths; selfie accidents; selfie mortality; self photography deaths; koolfie deaths; mobile death/accidents,” was used to put the study together. The study came to the conclusion that some areas should be declared “no selfie zones” especially across tourist areas with large bodies of water.

According to the study, India has the highest rate of selfie-deaths in the world, followed by Russia, the United States and Pakistan. The average age of a person who dies in a selfie death is 22.94, and men make up 72.5% of the total deaths. Drowning, vehicle-related deaths and falling were the top three causes of the selfie death phenomenon.



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