Geoffery Morris Dies Following Thursday’s Police Shooting In Wichita

29-year-old Geoffrey Morris dies after being shot by officers from the Wichita Police Department on Thursday afternoon

  • Sources tell TDH Morris was removed from life support at some point last night

  • Morris was taking 26-year-old Tia Brown to the community corrections building

  • Two officers opened fire on Morris after claiming he was trying to pin an officer

  • Still frames from a surveilance camera give the appearance Morris was trying to flee the scene

Following an officer involved shooting on Thursday near downtown Wichita, Kansas, 29-year-old Geoffery Morris has died from injuries he sustained.

The Daily Haze was told Morris was taken off life support at some point last night. While Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston said he believed Morris was shot multiple times, according to police scanners and sources close to the family at least one of those shots was to the head. A Facebook post from Morris’ mother confirms his death.

At around 1:00 pm, Wichita police along with an employee from Kansas Department of Corrections were attempting to arrest Morris for three counts of aggravated robbery, aggravated battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Morris also had traffic-related warrants.

Morris arrived in a red Ford Focus with his 26-year-old wife — the couple claims to be married on Facebook but it is unclear if they were officially married — Tia Brown. It is believed Brown had an appointment at community corrections at that time, which is how WPD figured Morris would be there.

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Upon arrival at the community corrections building, Morris parked in a stall. The KDOC employee parked behind him, pinning his vehicle in. Yesterday Livingston said the vehicle parked behind Morris belonged to U.S. Marshals. Two WPD officers got out of an unmarked car and began walking towards Morris’ vehicle, at which point he backed into the KDOC employee then tried to exit between other cars in the surrounding parking stalls.

As Morris tried to exit, a 13-year veteran to the police force and a 5-year veteran opened fire. Livingston claims one of the officers feared he was going to be crushed. At a media briefing on Thursday, Livingston claimed Morris had either pinned the officer or was trying to pin the officer. However, still frames released by WPD from a surveillance camera give the appearance that Morris was trying to escape the area and was not targeting an officer.

Livingston said one officer was taken to the hospital in fair condition and had blood on his arm. The officer was said to have received minor injuries while removing Morris from his vehicle after the shooting. A gun was found inside the vehicle. Morris and Brown both have a criminal record. Morris’ record is substantially worse than Brown’s.

Despite Morris’ criminal record, there are reasons to question if this shooting was truly necessary. Livingston claimed on Thursday that officers know Morris to be armed, so why would they try to arrest him in a public setting placing others at risk? Not to mention, why would there only be three officers sent to arrest what they believed to be an armed and dangerous subject?

As usual, the WPD’s account of what happened with the shooting is changing and lacking the transparency the department promised to the community in regards to officer-involved shootings years ago. As of now, police have yet to release Morris or Brown’s name officially.



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