German Man Suspected Of Killing Up To 21 Coworkers With Poison

A man in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock is suspected of up to 21 deaths after being arrested for trying to poison a co-worker

  • The co-worker noticed a powdery substance smeared on his sandwich at lunch

  • Security cameras caught the suspect putting a substance on the sandwich

  • The substance was tested and found to be lead acetate

  • Police are now investigating the deaths of 21 co-workers since 2000

In Germany, police are investigating 21 deaths at a company in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock following the arrest of a 56-year-old man after he allegedly attempted to poison a co-worker.

The co-worker found a “powdery substance” smeared on his sandwich and informed management, who later called the police. Security cameras showed the suspect open the co-worker’s lunchbox and put a substance on his sandwich.

After the suspect was in custody, a small bottle of a “powdery substance” was found in his bag. The powdery substance on the sandwich was tested at the criminal office in North Rhine-Westphalia. The substance was said to be toxic lead acetate. There was enough of it to cause severe organ damage.

The suspect went in front of a judge on May 17, at which point a judge issued an arrest warrant for attempted murder against the unnamed suspect.

Inside the suspect’s apartment in Bielefeld, fire brigade specialists found mercury, lead, and cadmium. Based on the substances found inside the suspect’s residence, police said he “has long tried to produce toxic substances, including heavy metal compounds.”

Police began broadening their investigation after discovering two other cases of illness at the company in the last few years. Officials are re-examining all deaths that occurred at the company since 2000. In specific, the focus is on the deaths of 21 other employees who all died shortly before their retirement.

Police will be speaking to relatives and physicians, while also checking medical records. Some bodies may need to be exhumed to check for possible heavy metal poisoning.

There were a strikingly high number of heart attacks and cancers among the death cases in the company.

There is no motive behind the attack at this time.



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