One Grand Gallery In Portland Removed Trump Beheading Artwork

One Grand Gallery in Portland, Oregon removed a graphic depiction of President Donald Trump being beheaded from their front window

  • The piece was done on the gallery’s front window by artist Compton Creep

  • The building owner gave the gallery organizers 12 hours to remove the controversial piece of art

  • Creep was disappointed after his art was removed on Tuesday morning following threats of violence

In Portland, One Grand Gallery on East Burnside Street has removed a graphic depiction of President Donald Trump being beheaded after receiving threats of violence. The controversial piece was part of an exhibition at the gallery.

Organizers of the gallery said proceeds from the exhibition are going towards nonprofit organizations that have lost money since Trump became president. Compton Creep, the artist behind the controversial art piece told KATU2 the piece was meant to invoke thought.

It should provoke your mind—even if it makes you uncomfortable—it should be thought-provoking.

The artwork was a graphic display of Trump being beheaded with the words “FUCK TRUMP” at the bottom. The image was on the gallery’s front window which faces Northeast 10th Avenue and East Burnside Street, a typically busy intersection.

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The post went viral after it was shared from the Red White and Blue News Facebook page, which has an audience of over 300,000. The caption on the post pointed out that the graphic content was visible by children.

Portland art gallery puts pic of Trump being beheaded on public display where children can see it!

They are unhinged

Since being posted on Tuesday, the image has been shared over 14,000 times. The viral attention was a little late though. By Tuesday morning, the art was removed from the window. It was reported the building’s landlord gave the gallery 12 hours to remove it or he would consider it a breach of the lease.

Creep was disappointed in the gallery’s decision to remove his artwork from the window. The piece was the center of the exhibition.

I think it was a weak move and I don’t think they should have done that. It shows that just by complaining, you can have your way.



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