8-Year-Old Gabriel Taye Commits Suicide Days After Being Knocked Unconscious By School Bully

Video from Cason Elementary School shows 8-year-old Gabriel Taye knocked unconscious by a school bully

  • Taye laid motionless for roughly seven-and-a-half minutes before he was found

  • The family’s lawyer claims the school told Taye’s mother he had fainted

  • Two days after the attack Taye hung himself from his bunk bed

It is a story that is becoming all too common. Young children face vicious bullying at school and online, both mentally and physically, then turn to suicide as an escape.

Video from Carson Elementary School shows 8-year-old Gabriel Taye being knocked unconscious and laying motionless for roughly seven-and-a-half minutes before he was discovered.

January 24, 2017

The video was recorded on January 24, 2017. It begins with a boy in a red and gray jacket punching another student. Taye is then seen walking up to the boy and trying to shake his hand. The boy knocks Taye unconscious and appears to celebrate his actions.

Taye lays on video motionless as other students step over him, while others point and seem to be laughing at the injured boy. Assistant Principal Jeff McKenzie eventually discovered Taye unconscious.

The school system released a statement claiming that the school “immediately followed protocol.” Taye was said to be sent to the school nurse where his mother was instructed to take the boy to the hospital to be checked out.

The Family Had No Clue About The Attack

According to the family’s attorney Jennifer Branch, the school never told Cornelia Reynolds, Taye’s mother, that he was attacked and knocked unconscious. Instead, the school told Reynolds that Taye was in the nurse’s office after fainting, and was showing normal vital signs.

Taye was picked up from school and taken home. Later on in the evening, Taye became nauseous and vomited twice, prompting Raynolds to take him to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. At the hospital, Taye did not mention the attack and only complained that his stomach hurt. Reynolds believes this was due to him not remembering what had happened.

The next day, Taye stayed home from school. Two days after the attack he returned to school. When he got home from school, Taye went to his bedroom and hung himself from his bunk bed with a tie.

The Video Release

Taye’s family had no knowledge of the existence of the video until March when their lawyers were investigating his death. The family decided to release the tape in hopes of other parents coming forward with more details of what occurred at the school.

The school system initially denied a request from the Enquirer to release the tape. Later, Cincinnati Public Schools spokesperson Janet Walsh said the tape would be released “when it’s ready.” Walsh said the faces of the children needed to be blurred before release.

Due to Taye’s young age, and the disbelief that a child would commit suicide, his death was initially marked as a homicide. The release of the footage has prompted Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco to ask the police to reopen the investigation.



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