“Fuck Donald Trump” – Thousands of protesters march to Trump Tower

Protests flare up around the country following Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton

  • A large crowd is gathering outside of Trump Tower to protest Trump’s victory

  • California has been a hotspot for anti-Trump protests throughout the day

  • Anti-Trump protests have been reported across the country

Civil unrest is growing around the country following Donald Trump being named as the next President of the United States of America. Around the country angry citizens have staged walkouts and angry protests.

What appears to be thousands of protesters are marching towards Trump Tower. The angry crowd can be heard yelling chants such as, “Not my President,” “Fuck Donald Trump,” and “Fuck Pence,” as they march through the Manhattan streets.

As of now, there are no known arrests in relation to this protest, although, that could change at any time.

California appears to be leading the way in anti-Trump protests

Throughout the day, protests have sparked up around the country showing the disapproval of Donald Trump. In California, several Bay Area high schools staged walkouts. Protests along Highway 24 in the Bay Area had reports of one woman being struck by an SUV and rushed to the hospital with major injuries.

Younger protesters reportedly took to the steps of Los Angeles City Hall. A group near the Los Angeles City Hall defaced property during one of today’s many demonstrations.

Around the country

At Berkley, roughly half of the student body walked out, an estimated 1,500 students. El Cerrito police warned drivers in Contra Costa County to look out for high school students on the road after high school students staged walkouts in the area.

In Oakland, protesters shattered a window at the Oakland Tribune newsroom and began lighting trash containers and tires on fire. Other small fires forced Bay Area Rapid Transit to close for a period.

While Trump gave his victory speech in New York, two demonstrations were simultaneously occurring in UCLA, which eventually merged into one large demonstration.

In Portland, Oregon, over a hundred protesters blocked traffic before they marched to Portland State University. A dumpster was reportedly moved into the middle of a street which blocked a train. Seattle saw similar protests as groups of protesters shut down intersections earlier in the day.



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