Francesca Amato-Banfield Pushes Sovereign Immunity On Desperate Parents Fighting For Their Children

  • Amato-Banfield claims to have a document that will return children involved in Child Protection Services
  • The document she is using claims to have originated from Bradley Christopher Stark
  • In 2012 Stark was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 23 years in prison
  • In 2016 Stark requested sovereign immunity in a document Amato-Banfield claims is evidence that her claims work
  • In 2018 Stark put in an appeal after his 2016 request for sovereign immunity was dismissed by district courts

Imagine a world where no laws applied to you, you never had to pay taxes, and you basically opted out of your government but were still able to receive all the benefits of the government, such as tax returns adn financial aid. This fictional world is what Francesca Amato-Banfield is promising to desperate parents trying to get their children home after losing them to Child Protection Services.

Amato-Banfield has acted as a mouthpiece for a bizarre document she claims will not only get children involved in CPS investigations home with their families, the document she is pushing claims people will no longer be forced to pay taxes and will even release people from jail regardless of charge or conviction.

On Wednesday, Amato-Banfield made a post to her Facebook showing the inspiration behind the nonsensical document. In her post, she claims the document was used and worked two years ago in 2016 and posts a link to a document titled “JUSTICE RELIEF FOR BRADLEY CHRISTOPHER STARK, SHAWN MICHAEL RIDEOUT, AND CERTAIN NAMED BEFECIARIES ACT.”

For anyone who thinks its fake or doubts the process well click the link – its already been done 2 years ago..


The document Amato-Banfield is passing off to desperate families was originally created by Bradley Christopher Stark, at least as far as we can tell. For the most part, the document is recycled sovereign citizen babble. In January of 2012, Stark was charged with seven counts of wire fraud and one count of securities fraud related to his fraudulent securities offerings.

Stark ripped off hundreds of people for millions of dollars. By December of 2012, he was convicted and sentenced to 23 years in prison. After facing the reality of his sentence, it appears Stark began pushing sovereign appeals — more commonly known as paper terrorism — as a feeble attempt to get out of jail.

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In 2018, two years after the document Amato-Banfield claims already worked, Stark entered an appeal to the Eleventh Circuit after district courts dismissed his request for sovereign immunity. While Amato-Banfield claims the bogus documents she is pushing on families has nothing to do with sovereign beliefs, Stark’s 2018 appeal clearly reads that his goal was sovereign immunity from the same document she is currently pushing on families. The 2018 appeal from Stark is clear evidence not only that Amato-Banfield is dabbling in the world of sovereign beliefs, but also that the document she claims to have worked did not.


Before pushing the sovereign immunity document, Amato-Banfield was pushing families to denounce their US citizenship through a bogus affidavit created by fellow scam artist David Straight. The document has extremely close ties to the sovereign group “Reign of Heavens.”

So why would Amato-Banfield push sovereign beliefs while lying about what they are? That answer remains unclear. Amato-Banfield and several other supposed “family advocates” teach classes on Zoom several times a week. In order to attend the online classes, you are asked to register through a website that suggests a donation of $10 a week. The site and Amato-Banfield claim a donation is not mandatory to attend the classes. It is a possibility that Amato-Banfield’s end goal could be to take advantage of desperate families for financial gain.



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