Is Fort Carson training for Martial Law on September 5?

Image shows a document claiming training for Martial Law to begin at Fort Carson.

  • An image of a supposed Army memorandum claims Martial Law training will begin September 5 at Fort Carson.

  • The image was originally uploaded to a Facebook account on August 19.

  • Fort Carson knows about the memorandum and are calling it a fake.

A photo is making rounds on the web claiming that martial law is right around the corner for America. The photo of a document is making people worry that Fort Carson could be beginning training for martial law on September 5.

Executive Order for Martial Law.

The document claims to be a memorandum to enact an Executive Order for Martial Law. In specific, the memorandum says that on August 5, 2016, it was decided to begin Martial Law training on September 5, 2016 at Fort Carson in Colorado.

Those involved in the training for martial law 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Sustainment Brigade, 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, 759th MP Battalion, 10th Combat Support Hospital, and 423rd Transportation Company.

The document was first shared to Facebook on August 19.

The picture was originally uploaded by Diane Holthaus to her Facebook account on August 19.

In the comments, Holthaus claims she received the document from a “friend of a friend of a friend,” after someone asked where she obtained the document.

After being shared on Facebook, the document made it on to a reddit thread, and a 4chan thread. The 4chan thread has been closed for comments, but the reddit thread still seems to be going strong.

Reddit user RedditAndShredIt claims that he has handled both Army and Air Force memorandums. The Army uses a different font for their memorandums.

The user also points out that it does not state who it is from on the top left hand corner. The user claims the document appeared to be an Air Force memorandum made to look like a memorandum for the Army.

Many are dismissing the memorandum as a fake.

Most people are immediately dismissing the document as a fake. A few people have pointed out that there is no security clearance. There is also no specifications on who is allowed to view the document.

If this was an Executive Order to issue martial law against the people of America, chances are it would be marked as at least Top Secret, and only certain people would be allowed to view it.

Fort Carson says the memorandum is a fake.

The YouTube account of Black Angel called Fort Carson to ask about the authenticity of the document. Fort Carson said that they were aware of the memorandum and that it was a fake.

A good fake.

Even those who are calling the memorandum a fake are saying it is a good fake. Looking at a real memorandum for Fort Carson, the Martial Law memorandum in question looks almost identical. It is easy to see how so many people believe it to be real.

While there are multiple reasons to believe that Martial Law may be around the corner, this document appears not to be one of them. Most likely someone that knows a thing or two about memorandums decided to pull a prank that may have gone farther than they expected.



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