Former TYT Correspondent Sues The Huffington Post For Libel

Former correspondent The Young Turks Jordan Chariton is suing The Huffington Post for libel

  • The lawsuit was filed with the New York Supreme Court on Monday

  • Chariton is suing over an article published on the HuffPost Contributor program that accused him of rape

  • The lawsuit is asking for over $100 million in damages

On Wednesday, a former correspondent for The Young Turks, Jordan Chariton, filed a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court for libel against the Huffington Post following an article published on the HuffPost Contributor platform on November 16, 2017 that accused him of rape.

HuffPost contributor Christian Chiakulas wrote the article titled, “Jordan Chariton Accused by Former Employees of Sexual Abuse, Harassment.” In the article, Chariton states that Chiakulas falsely accused him of rape.

The lawsuit claims that Chiakulas did not disclose that the article was put together by “Carly Hammond, Zee Cohen and other joint tortfeasors in a Facebook discussion group with the aim of defaming Mr. Chariton and getting him fired.” Hammond is the woman Chiakulas claimed Chariton raped in the HuffPost article.

Huffington Post Lawsuit by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Chariton also claims Chiakulas did not question Ty Bayliss and Chelsea Lyons, both of whom were present on the night in question. Lyons later spoke out in graphic detail about the incident on a Facebook LIVE video with Claudia Stauber.

The lawsuit claims The Huffington Post indexed the article with Google three times, but refused to remove the Google index for a period of two weeks following the article’s removal. During that time, when you performed a Google search for Jordan Chariton the title of the article was the first thing to come up, despite the article being removed.

Hawgood, Hawgood & Moran

Chariton is represented by Alexander Hawgood of Hawgood, Hawgood & Moran and is requesting over $100 million in damages from The Huffington Post’s parent company, Oath Inc. for Libel Per Se, General Defamation, and Libel by Implication. Chariton is requesting a retraction from The Huffington Post and $3.5 million in monetary relief along with $20 million in punitive damages. The lawsuit also shows Chariton is seeking $3.5 million in monetary relief and $100 million in punitive damages for Negligent Injury to Reputation.

Around the same time Chiakulas’ article was published, Chariton released an article on Medium explaining the night in question. Since the article’s release, multiple employees of Chariton’s outlet Truth Against the Machine have come forward with claims of sexually inappropriate behavior.

Less than 24 hours after the release of the HuffPost article, Chariton claims he received a letter from Matt Atchity informing him he was terminated from his position at TYT. Chariton was given one hour to decide whether the termination would be viewed as a firing or a resignation. Chariton claims Chiakulas’ article was responsible for losing his position with TYT.

Cenk Uygur made a video statement on TYT’s YouTube channel where he claimed during an internal investigation it was discovered that resources from the TYT was being used to help create Chariton’s outlet, Truth Against the Machine. Uyger stated that he believed TATM was just a side project and had no clue any of TYT’s resources were being put towards its growth.

Aside from using TYT’s resources for TATM, Uyger also explained that Chariton’s self-admitted behavior of bringing at least one TYT employee to a hotel room to engage in sexual behavior was completely unacceptable.



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