What Exactly Did Former President Barack Obama Do For Hurricane Katrina Victims

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey many are asking where exactly former President Barack Obama was during Hurricane Katrina

  • Social media posts have claimed that Obama did little to nothing for the victims of Katrina

  • Katrina occurred in 2005 roughly three years before Obama began his presidency

  • There are questions where President Donald Trump’s $1 million donation will be coming from

Following the damage left by Hurricane Harvey and President Donald Trump’s response of pledging to donate $1 million dollars towards relief, many are now asking what did former President Barack Obama do for the victims of Hurricane Katrina?

Trump supporters have made  many comparisons between the current and former president  in desperate attempts to bash the to prove the Trump administrations superiority over the Obama administration. For once, Trump supporters may have found the ammo they have been craving.

Lack Of Action

During Obama’s presidency his administration honestly did little to nothing for Katrina victims. It appears the main reason behind the Obama administration’s actions, or lack thereof, during Hurricane Katrina stem from the fact that he did not become president until three years after the devastating hurricane struck in 2005. Obama’s presidency began in 2008.

Obama, who was a senator in Illinois at the time of Katrina, did meet with victims of Katrina on September 5, 2005, alongside former President Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush in Houston, Texas.

During his appearance in Texas, Trump caught backlash after he did not meet with any of Harvey’s victims. The president also caught negative reactions after he decided to wear a hat his company sales, which many claim was nothing more than a shameful plug to sell his merchandise. The USA hat Trump wore can be bought off his re-election campaign store for the low price of $40.

$1 Million Donation

The attack on Obama’s less than satisfactory response to Katrina followed word that Trump will be donating $1 million to Hurricane Harvey efforts. While some have praised Trump for such a kind donation, that praise may be coming prematurely.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that Trump would be donating $1 million of his own money. On Friday, Sanders was not so sure.

When asked if the donation would be coming from Trump or the Trump Foundation, Sanders responded, “I haven’t had a chance to do that,” insinuating she has not asked the president where the money would be coming from.

This would not be the first time that Trump has used the Trump Foundation as his bank account. Truth Progress reported as follows:

Though tax laws say 501(c)(3) charitable foundations may not be used to make political donations or for “self-dealing,” the Trump foundation reportedly did both. The foundation paid a $2,500 penalty for an improper $25,000 gift in 2013 to a committee supporting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R), who was considering an investigation of his Trump University at the time and later opted not to open one.

Additionally, Fahrenthold found that Trump used more than $250,000 of the money raised by the his foundation to settle legal problems for his myriad business interests. Additionally, he used $10,000 of foundation money to buy a portrait of himself at a charity fundraiser, $20,000 from the Trump Foundation to buy a different portrait of himself, and $12,000 from the tax-exempt foundation to buy an autographed Tim Tebow football helmet. A $5,000 foundation donation to the D.C. Preservation League Tax was used to obtain ad space for Trump hotels. Experts told the Post that these payments would appear to be “classic self-dealing,” in violation of tax law and philanthropic conventions.

Aside from possibly using the Trump Foundation’s money, Trump’s million dollar donation would only be a drop in the bucket in comparison to his proposed budget cuts which includes an $876 million cut to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief account.



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