Fiorina Jacob Lignier Loses Eye From Police In Yellow Vests Protest

During Saturday’s Yellow Vests protests Fiorina Jacob Lignier was shot in the face with a projectile by law enforcement after not being allowed to leave

  • According to Lignier’s boyfriend Jacob Maxime she will never see out of her left eye again

  • The incident happened after the couple was not allowed to leave the Champs-Élysées

  • A crowdfunding campaign for Lignier has been started on leetchi

As the Yellow Vests protests continue in France, things are escalating quickly. On Saturday massive protests were met with a substantial police response which resulted in 20-year-old Fiorina Jacob Lignier losing her eye.

According to Lignier’s boyfriend Jacob Maxime, the couple was trying to leave the Champs-Élysées they were some of the people police prevented from leaving the area. Roughly two hours after trying to leave, the clashed intensified and the couple was stuck.

It was at that point Lignier was shot in her eye with a projectile from law enforcement on the scene. Video recorded moments after show Lignier laying on the ground as blood is coming from her eyes.

WARNING! The following video contains graphic content that may not be appropriate for all ages. Viewer discretion is advised!

According to a post on Maxime’s Facebook, Lignier will never see out of her left eye again. Lignier also suffered a broken nose and multiple fractures in her face. Below is a rough translation of Maxime’s update posted Monday morning.

Saturday we wanted to leave the champs élysées around 12, but the gendarmes prevented us from leaving the avenue.

Around 14 pm the first clashes burst, we get away as far as possible. Fiorina against a wall will receive a projectile from law enforcement.

She will never see the left eye again, the broken nose and multiple fractures to the face.

Thank you for all your messages.

A campaign to raise money for Lignier was started on the crowdfunding site leetchi by Damien Rieu. It has so far raised € 2,487 of the € 7,000 goal. In the description of the campaign — which again is loosely translated — it states a street medic managed to evacuate Lignier to Cochin Hospital immediately. Unfortunately, it was too late and the damage was too severe.

On December 8, Fiorina, 20, came from Picardy to demonstrate in Paris with her boyfriend, to support the yellow vests.

It is 14h. The demonstration begins to degenerate. She did not come to break, let alone confront the police. The tension is growing. She asks Jacob, her boyfriend, to leave. But all the streets are blocked by police checkpoints. Impossible to leave the avenue.

The CRS and plainclothes police shoot. Fiorina collapses.

She just received a projectile in the head.

Despite the rapid intervention of a “street medic”, and his evacuation to ophthalmic emergencies of the Cochin hospital, it is too late.

Fiorina lost her left eye forever.

Fiorina loves her country. She had come to defend her future and that of all those Frenchmen forgotten and despised by Macron. This projectile could have torn the eye off any yellow vest. But it fell on her.

We were all shocked by the violence of the images of Fiorina, on the ground, her face bleeding. (See the Video) We must all show him our solidarity.

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