Florida Police Officers Pull Over The First And Only Black State Attorney Aramis Ayala

Two Orlando, Florida police officers pulled over the first and only black State Attorney Aramis Ayala

  • Ayala was stopped after officers said they ran her tag and it was registered to nothing

  • The officer also claimed that the tinting on Ayala’s windows was part of the reason for the stop

  • The Orlando Police Department released the June 19 stop and stated that their was no racial profiling behind the stop

Bodycam footage from an Orlando, Florida police officer shows two officers tripping over their own words after realizing they pulled over the state’s first and only African-American State Attorney Aramis Ayala without a valid explanation.

I’m The State Attorney

As the officer is walking up to the vehicle, Ayala can be seen retrieving her license from her wallet. When the officer sees Ayala’s license, he asks, “What agency are you with?” Ayala responds, “I’m the state attorney.”

The officer immediately begins trying to come up with a reason for the stop, saying, “Your tag didn’t come back. Never seen that before.” A confused and clearly annoyed Ayala tries to make sense of the stop, beginning to say two short inaudible sentences before she is cut off by the officer.

“We ran the tag, and, I’ve never seen it before. A Florida tag that’s never come back to anything before,” the nervous officer says. The officer on the passenger side of Ayala’s car tries to his help his partner explain the situation, but you cannot clearly hear what he is saying. It appears Ayala is becoming more annoyed as it begins to set in that she is most likely a victim of racial profiling.

What Was The Tag Run For

The first officer can be heard saying, “So that’s the reason for the stop,” although it is still not clear what “that” exactly was. Ayala asks the officer, “What was the tag run for?” The officer responds, “I’m sorry?” Ayala asks again, “What was the tag run for?” The officer responds, “Oh we run tags all the time, whether it’s the traffic lights and that sort of stuff. That’s how we figure out if, you know, cars are stolen and that sort of thing.”

Ayala is now getting visibly angry, and it and it almost appears that the officers are realizing the mistake they just made until the first officer decides to double down and says, “Also the. . . The windows are really dark. I don’t have a tint measurer, but that’s another reason for the stop.”

Do You Guys Have Cards On You

Done listening to the officers bullshit, Ayala looks at the first officer and asks, “Do you guys have cards on you?” The officer almost laughs at his demise as he responds, “Yeah,” and begins walking back to his car. He then stops and says, “Actually, this isn’t my car, but I can write my name down for you if you’d like?”

The officer writes down his and his partner’s names on his notepad before handing the paper to Ayala and wishing her a “good day.” The sweet goodbye does not seem to be enough to lighten Ayala’s mood.


Before Ayala was state attorney, she was a career public defender. Her campaign for state attorney was built on the promise of transparency and filling in the gaps with communities of color. Her reason for becoming state attorney was to put an end to stops just like this one.

The stop occurred on June 19, of this year. The Orlando Police Department has backed the claims of the officers, saying that the tag came back not registered and that the tinting was dark, so therefore officers could not see who they were pulling over, which ensures that the stop couldn’t have been racially fueled.

Ayala states that her tag has been, and remains properly registered and the tint is not in violation of Florida law. At this time there has been no complaints filed over the stop.




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