Finally, the naked Hillary Clinton statue we have all been waiting for!

Pictures surface online of a naked Hillary Clinton statue.

  • Two pictures were posted on Facebook showing a naked Hillary statue are gaining attention.

  • The Hillary statue follows five naked Trump statues appearing around the country.

  • It is not clear who created the naked Hillary statue, or where it’s exact location is.

America’s 2016 Presidential Election has been anything but normal. It seems to get weirder and weirder every week. Especially when naked Donald Trump statues began appearing. People had wondered where were the Hillary statues? Well, it appears we finally have the naked Hillary Clinton statue we have all been waiting for!

The naked Hillary statue picture was uploaded to Facebook.

Very little is known about the naked Hillary Clinton statue that popped up on the Web this week. It would seem that the original picture came from Alex Westmoreland.

Westmoreland posted uploaded a picture to his Facebook on August 20. The caption that went with the picture read, #HillaryClinton #Naked #Statue. #Touche Hillary. Not so #funny now is it! SHARE OUT!”
Finally the naked Hillary Clinton statue weve all been waiting for body
The picture was shared just under 200 times. Westmoreland then shared the picture to the Facebook group, “Donald Trump – Made in America.” It was there that the picture gained a bit more steam. The picture has been shared almost 6,000 times since Westmoreland posted it to the group.

The naked Hillary statue comes after five naked Trump statues appeared around the country.

Those reacting to the picture are saying fair is fair. This response stems from the naked Donald Trump statues that have been surfacing around the Web.

The original naked Trump statue was said to have first been spotted in Union Square in Manhattan. Since then, identical statues have been spotted in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Seattle.

The Daily Beast recently did an article on Joshua Monroe. Monroe is the artist behind the “ball-lesFinally the naked Hillary Clinton statue weve all been waiting for Trumps” Trump statues that took the Internet by storm. The “American Activist Collective” INDECLINE was the studio behind the Trump statues.

Monroe did state that he would like to make a Hillary. statues, but it is still not clear who is responsible for the naked Hillary statue, or even where exactly Westmoreland’s picture was taken.

It was only a matter of time before naked Hillary made her debut after the attention the naked Trump statues had gained. In an article on, Joel B. Pollak claims that the reason we have not seen naked Hillary statues “is simply that anyone who saw them would turn instantly to stone.”

It is now time to wait and see if naked Hillary grabs as much momentum as naked Trump. Will we see naked Hillary start popping up in cities around America? Only time will tell.



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