Felicity Kadlec Rossi Goes Viral For Marrying Her Zombie Doll Kelly

  • Rossi has been in an intimate relationship with her zombie doll Kelly since she was 16-years-old
  • The couple got married last year after receiving international attention over their relationship
  • Rossi and Kelly got tattoos of each other’s names on their arms
  • Despite criticism of their relationship Rossi says Kelly makes her happy

Felicity Kadlec Rossi has gone viral once again on social media for her bizarre romance with a zombie doll. Rossi, a 21-year-old from Massachusetts, made international news last year for her relationship with her zombie doll Kelly which she says is 37-years-old. The couple got married last year.

An old photo posted on February 9 has been shared over 127,000 times on Facebook. The picture shows Rossi holding Kelly who is holding a “sweetheart” pillow set.

The lovely couple not only got married, but they also went as far as to get tattoos of each other’s names on their arms. Both tattoos are in the same spot on their arms and have a heart at the end of their name.

Rossi originally received Kelly when she was 13, but it took three years for her connection with the doll to blossom into a love story. Rossi explained her bizarre relationship to Daily Mail last year.

I found Kelly on a creepy doll collection website and I was gifted her when I was 13. But it wasn’t until I was 16-years-old that I started to get feelings for her, but it was something that I kept on trying to deny. I have had boyfriends in the past, and I always thought that I was in love with them – but they never made me feel the way I do now.

Like any relationship, Rossi said there were times where she called the relationship off. Rossi explained that at the start of their relationship she had told herself it was wrong, but later came to acceptance with her and Kelly’s love. Rossi has said her and the doll are even intimate.

Our relationship was on and off since I was 16, because I would tell myself that it was wrong and break it off. But over the past year I have really come to terms with my feelings for her and I know that my love for her cannot be changed.

Rossi says she knows people judge her relationship with Kelly and believe she should be with a real person. In response, Rossi argues that to her Kelly is real. She said friends and family don’t allow her to bring Kelly with them if they go out. Rossi also admitted they have never been able to have a date in public, but at the end of the day, she says Kelly makes her happy.

But regardless of what other people think about our relationship, she makes me happy and I love her so that’s all that matters.



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