FBI agent Michael Brown was not killed in a murder-suicide because he never existed

The Denver Guardian is not a real news site

  • The area the murder-suicide supposedly happened in does not exist

  • The police chief that reportedly gave a comment does not exist

  • There has been a huge spike in fake news sites during the 2016 elections

Disinformation is something that is a primary concern during this Presidential Election. It is a concern especially when you consider the amount of documents that WikiLeaks has released showing the devious nature of Clinton and those running her campaign.

One story went far across the Web with many not stopping to check the validity of the story. The spreading of disinformation is damaging to all parties since one false story can be used to go against any verified stories that have been released.

The Denver Guardian

The Denver Guardian recently published a story claiming that an FBI agent named Michael Brown was found dead in a murder-suicide. The story claimed that the 47-year-old man shot and killed his 33-year-old wife, Susan Brown, before lighting the couple’s house on fire and shooting himself.

Brown was supposedly an agent that had worked closely with the Clinton email scandal. The murder-suicide took place in Walkerville, Maryland Friday night.

Walkerville, Maryland

Walkerville, Maryland does not exist. However, there is a Walkersville, Maryland. If you think that could have just been a simple grammatical mistake, it would be a good argument, if The Denver Guardian did not also create a fake police department and imaginary police chief.

Walkerville Police Chief Pat Frederick was said to have commented on the murder-suicide, but Walkersville does not have a police department. The lack of a police department, the chance of Frederick making a comment is extremely low, for obvious reasons.

The story also uses WHAG-TV, a local news station as a source. The problem is, WHAG-TV has not done any coverage of a murder-suicide. The picture used for the story is actually from 2010.

Disinformation at its finest

Sites such as The Denver Guardian are making it hard for those who are truly trying to expose the crimes surrounding our presidential candidates. The people behind these fake news site could hardly care.

Most of these fake news sites are thrown together overnight, and post whatever they think will go viral. From there, they sit back and collect the revenue they gather from their ad space.

While fake news sites have been around as long as the Internet, throughout this election there has been a huge increase in these overnight sites. They have been used as a tool to tarnish both candidates and unfortunately confuse millions who do not care to do any fact checking after reading an article.



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