Arizona corrections officer accused of molesting children

A father sexually abused his children and still received custody.

  • Children make claims of sexual abuse against their father.

  • Police report states father is a correctional officer

  • The claims lead to police involvement with no repercussions.

  • Regardless, the father has gained custody of the children.

Jane Doe: Victim I

A young child, Jane Doe, 4, had visited her father who resides in Arizona. The father,  an Arizona correctional officer, Bruce Lusk, decided to utilize these visits as an opportunity for the sexual assault of the child. What unfolded for this young child, was a series of sexual assaults that would forever change her life. As if this story isn’t bad enough, it’s also been discovered that her brother was also a victim of this heinous crime.

The sexual assault claims

According to the young girl, the father assaulted her on several occasions. In one instance, the father had digitally penetrated her on the bedroom floor. During this time, the young child repeatedly begged the father to stop due to the pain she was enduring. However, this demented man only responded with, “shut up and quit complaining.”

In another visit, the young child stated that the father had acted mean and “weird” toward her. When the father attempted to hug the girl, naturally, the girl had refused the gesture. It was, at that point, the father pulled his pants down and exposed his buttocks to her. In the girl’s report, she states that the father than asked her brother to go downstairs to clean up his toys. As soon as the boy left, the father, once again, molested the young girl; this time, he penetrated her with his finger.

Police action

In March, 2015, police had setup a consented wiretap in the mother’s (Nichole) phone. According to police, they wanted Nichole to get a rapport with Bruce in the hopes of getting a confession. Furthermore, he had instructed that the children speak with him as often as possible. Later in the evening, Lusk had called, leaving a voicemail to speak with the children. When she failed to answer, a detective called and inquired about why she had not allowed the children to speak with Lusk. She stated the children were getting a bath at that time.

The full police report can be read below. The documents do include graphic details about the case and may not be suitable for all viewers.

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Forensic interview

According to a forensic interview with Jane, her father had molested her while she used the restroom. According to the girl, this had occurred at the father’s, as well as his girlfriend’s, residence. Furthermore, it was disclosed that these events also occurred at a hotel and movie theater. Sadly, according to the reports, the sexual abuse would increase.

The girl reported yet another instance of sexual assault to police. During the report, to demonstrate the event, the young child spread her legs and pointed to her vaginal area. According to the girl, in this instance, the father didn’t stick his finger all the way in. When asked what the father had done with his finger, the girl declined to respond.

There are many more instances of this abuse toward the young girl, however, due to the vast size of the obtained police report, it would require a novel to detail every instance of abuse. Furthermore, we still have another victim child that deserves to be

John Doe: Victim II

According to police, John Doe, 3, had his own claims of abuse from the father. During a forensics observation of an interview, John had disclosed an incident to which he was spanked with a spatula. It was, at this time, he disclosed an incident to which he observed his father using the restroom. While this may not seem like a big deal, we must recall the previous information regarding his sister, Jane.

In an interview, John disclosed an incident of sexual abuse. When asked, John stated that his father “shot” him in the butt. Following the disturbing statement, John disclosed that his father “squirted his wee wee like a hose.” According to the statement, the event had occurred in the kitchen of the  father’s house. Following the event, the father was observed using the restroom.

According to the child, this was a frequent event. In another such event, the police asked the boy if anything happened to his “wee wee.” It was, at this time, the boy informed the police that the father, had repeated the previous incident followed by another incident of molestation. Of course, as you can imagine, there were many other instances of this abuse.


Although there are many pages to the police report (72 pages,) it is merely impossible to disclose all the forms of abuse these children had, and continue to endure. The children, who actually remain in this man’s custody, have dealt with physical, emotional, and sexual traumas. Meanwhile, the mother, who currently resides in California, has tried to regain custody only to fail.

She has, as any mother would, done everything in her power to keep this man away from  the children. Violating court visitation orders, sparked police interaction, and even went the distance of having her phone lines tapped. However, according to my sources, the mother is now being hammered by the state for this due to the legal aspects of these taps. The mother is being made the villain while the real villain remains at large.

This case, at best, demonstrates the incompetence of not only the CPS system, but the system as a whole. Children in situations such as this, reside all over the country. Pedophiles, such as the one implicated in police documentation, are left unaccounted, free to prey on the innocent. This case, has much more complexity to it. It is, because of that, I regret not being able to cover it all in detail. However, it is due to that complexity, that I am unable to do so. The best this journalist can hope for, is justice for these children.





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