False Rumors Spread That Antifa Was Behind Devin Kelley And The Texas Church Shooting

Multiple media outlets wasted no time to start spreading misinformation about Sunday’s shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas that killed over two dozen churchgoers.

Devin Patrick Kelley is identified as the person responsible for the shooting. Around 11:20 am, Kelley exited his vehicle and began opening fire from outside the church. Kelley entered the church and continued firing shots.

Kelley, who was wearing all black tactical gear and a mask, exited the church and began firing at residents who had come outside. A neighbor of the church returned fire with a rifle and managed to wound Kelley.

After being wounded, Kelley got back into his vehicle and drove Guadalupe County with the resident that wounded him pursuing. Police briefly chased Kelley, who crashed his vehicle about eight miles away from the church. Police are not sure if Kelley shot himself, or if the wound from the neighbor killed him.

Your News Wire

The motive for the shooting is still unclear, but that did not stop sites such as Your News Wire from following their well-known modus operandi of twisting facts and publishing misinformation for precious clicks.

On Sunday, Your News Wire published an article titled, “Texas Church Shooter Was Antifa Member Who Vowed To Start Civil War.” The article used supposed screenshots that have been passed around social media.

One of those screenshots is a conversation between an unknown man and someone named “Brian (cousin).” In the conversation, the sender claims there were two shooters, and they forced people to quote Das Kapital. Those who messed up were executed.

yea, there was 2. talked to some people who were inside. they said two guys came in the back carrying guns, started screaming. ran tot he front and draped ANTIFA flag over pulpit.

Said this was communist revolution. pulled out a copy of Das Kapital and demanded people quote specific sections. anyone who messed up got shot.


A False Narrative

There are several problems with this claim. For one, unlike the Vegas shooting, there have not been confusion over how many shooters there were. Kelley was the only shooter at First Baptist Church on Sunday according to victims, witnesses, and police.

The shooting happened too fast for Kelley to ask people to quote Das Kapital. Between Kelley shooting before he entered the church, residents hearing shots from inside the church, and the gunfight with the neighbor, there was no time for this narrative to play out. The article uses other screenshots that have been found to be fake as well.

The rumors that Antifa is behind Sunday’s shooting comes the day after many alt-right groups and outlets claimed the group was going to start a civil war in areas all over the country. When November 4 came and went without any major Antifa-led incidents occurring it appears the alt-right decided to use this tragedy to further push their agenda.



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