Fake “Sweet & Sexy Kids” Store Picture Goes Viral On Facebook

A viral image claims there is a store called “sweet & sexy kids”

  • The image went viral after Luke Thomas shared it to his Facebook

  • The image has been floating around the Web since at least 2015 on different joke meme sites

  • The original post has been shared over 11,000 times

Despite the existence of evidence of real pedophile rings around the world, many have instead begun to follow the world of Internet memes that are generally full of half-truths or downright wrong information. Evidence of that can be seen in the viral meme of a store allegedly named “sweet & sexy kids.”

On November 22, Luke Thomas shared an image to his Facebook that has two storefronts put together. Both of the stores are called sweet & sexy kids, but neither picture looks correct. Aside from the words being different colors, they have also used the heart symbol found above the ‘i’ in the “Justice” store logo, along with Mickey Mouse ears. It should also be noted the lines around the heart are missing in the bottom image.

In the caption on Thomas’ post, it reads, “Toys R Us shut down. Lingerie for Children going up.” However, neither image appears to show any lingerie, despite Thomas reaffirming his claim to see lingerie for kids in the comments. The post has been shared over 11,000 times.

A glance at Thomas’ profile shows he is a believer in just about every conspiracy theory the Q Anon guys have ever touched and then some. It comes with little surprise this image would be taken to heart.

It turns out the top image has been going around the Web for years. In 2017 it appeared on a meme site under the name “SWEET & SEXY DANKMEME DANKMEMES MEME MEMES RANDOM MEME.” In 2016 it was shared to the site “RBRN” with the title “Sexy Kids.” The description reads, “You walk in and there’s Chris Hansen with a chair.”

In 2017 it took another form as a “why” text to God. The meme was titled, “OO VIRGIN 4G 725 PM 36% NEW MESSAGE CANCEL TO GOD WHY SEND MEME.” In 2015 the image appeared on a meme site called “Almost In Bad Taste.” The caption for the image on this site reads, “Infantile jokes are always safe.” The Almost In Bad Taste post appears to be the first appearance of the image to the masses.

The same store name with a different look appeared in a blog post on “Arrowsmiths in Ecuador.” In 2014 the blog made a post of the store claiming it was in “Cuena’s most popular mall.” We can only assume the writer meant “Cuenca,” Ecuador’s most popular mall which is the River Mall that also has no listing of the store. The image once again appears to be photoshopped and once again uses the same stolen heart logo from Justice and the Mickey Mouse ears.

A good way to tell something like this is fake is that nothing else can be found online. Aside from that, the original post has no background information, not even a location for the store. With how social media works today, there would be protests outside of this store to have it shut down within hours of it opening. Like many others, this is just a meme that keeps popping up on social media every few years and tricking gullible people who are not doing any fact checking.



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