Facebook Launches Full-Blown Attack On Independent Media

On Thursday Facebook removed multiple independent media outlet pages in what appears to be an attack on independent media

  • Jason Bassler made a post saying Facebook had unpublished The Free Thought Project’s page with 3.1 million followers

  • Nicholas Bernabe made a post at the same time saying Facebook had unpublished The Anti-Media’s page with 2.1 million followers

  • Screenshots show Facebook removed a long list of independent media outlets varying from topics of police accountability to cannabis legalization

Facebook censorship has become a growing problem, especially for independent media outlets. On Thursday, the severity of the situation came to fruition after several large outlets had their pages removed from Facebook.

Jason Bassler — co-founder of The Free Thought Project — made a post to his Facebook account delivering the news that The Free Thought Project (3.1 million followers) and Police the Police (1.9 million fans) were both unpublished. Bassler said the move by Facebook destroyed five years of work.

So it appears that Facebook has unpublished our page along with at least 28 more pages that we currently know of including personal profiles.

Yes, you read that correct. After 5 years of hard work, literally working 7 days a week to share information and build fans Facebook has officially unpublished our page The Free Thought Project (3.1 million fans) as well as Police the Police (1.9 million fans) so we can’t post on it anymore. It is still live on their site, but we can no longer control it or post on it. This is truly an outrage. I’ve put up with a lot of shit over the years with facebook, but this crosses the fucking line. We will do everything we can to recover our pages and fight back against this.

In a screenshot of TFTP page posted by Bassler, Facebook says the page has been unpublished for “misleading behavior” or for violating Facebook’s spam policies.

Your page has been unpublished for misleading behavior, such as being administered by a fake account, misleading users, or violating the Facebook spam policies. This goes against the Facebook Page Terms and Community Standards which help keep our community safe and respectful. If you think we made a mistake, you can appeal and we’ll take another look.

Around the same time, Nicholas Bernabe — admin of The Anti-Media — made a post to his Facebook account saying The Anti-Media (2.1 million followers) had been unpublished for violating Facebook standards.

Facebook has unpublished my page, The Anti-Media, after falsely accusing us of violating policies. 2.1 million followers and 5 years of work gone…for now.

John Liberty posted two images to his Facebook page showing a long list of pages Facebook had removed. The pages included topics from police shooting, to cannabis legalization, to gun laws.

In August, Facebook joined other social media giants in removing Alex Jones’ pages from their platform for violating community standards. While many celebrated the demise of the country’s most well-known conspiracy theorist, others were concerned it would open the doors to give other outlets the boot. Concerns that today seem founded.

About a week later, teleSUR English found their page had been unpublished on Facebook for the second time this year. The page had almost 400,000 followers at the time of removal. After Facebook republished the page earlier in the year, no explanation or apology was issued for the removal. It is unclear if Facebook will stand behind Thursday’s attack on independent media.



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