How Do I Use The New Facebook Airplane Reaction Emoji

On Tuesday some Facebook users noticed a new airplane reaction emoji

  • The emoji is part of an employee hackathon that was not supposed to be released to the public

  • As of now the airplane emoji is only available to Android users and it is unknown how long it will be around

  • Unconfirmed reports claim there is also a fire emoji

On Tuesday, some Facebook users were excited to see a new reaction emoji of an airplane. However, many were complaining they did not have the airplane emoji. Here is what is known so far about the addition.

It appears that the airplane emoji was an inside job. A Facebook spokesperson told Fast Company that the emoji was created during an employee “hackathon,” and was not meant to be seen by the public.

This was created as part of an employee hackathon and wasn’t cleared for takeoff. Our apologies.

While many speculated the airplane emoji was a new addition to Facebook, it is unclear if it is going to stay and is currently reported to only work with Android devices. According to Heavy, rumors have also spread of a fire emoji, but that one is unconfirmed.

So how do you get the airplane emoji? First, be sure to update your app. Inside your settings on the Google Play Store, you can find an option to auto-update your apps but Wi-Fi is required and data charges may apply.

Once you have updated your app, you now must clear the cache. Go to your phone’s settings, and choose apps. From there go to the Facebook app and then to storage. Once in storage clear your cache.

Once you have updated your app and cleared your cache, open your Facebook app and go to any post then hit comment. Once in the comment section hold down the thumbs up option in the top right corner and your emojis should come up. You will notice there is now an airplane or a second angry face. If you see a second angry face, worry not. Tap on that and the airplane emoji will come out.



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